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FREE - Watersports Open House at Miami Rowing Club

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Watersports Open House - Free Community Day on the Water
Saturday, Nov. 30th
10am - 2pm

Miami Rowing and Watersports Center
3601 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

On Saturday, November 30th, The Paddle House and several of its distributors and local members of the community are participating in an Open House at the Miami Rowing and Watersports Center (Miami Rowing Club). This FREE event is open to the public. Come out and learn more about paddling and the many disciplines available. There will be presentation on boats (kayaks and surf skis), paddleboards, outrigger canoes, dragon boats, rowing, training methods, paddling styles, etc.

The event is 100% free and runs from 10am to 2pm.

The Marine Stadium Basin offers a unique opportunity for learning about new paddling disciplines. Learn about design and function. Search for your passion by sampling different crafts onsite. We will offer workshops and discussion groups addressing design differences and how they affect on-water performance.

At The Paddle House Thanksgiving Village participants will paddle in groups on common courses to evaluate efficiency and paddle-ability. We will have some skills demos and talk about training to improve your experience. Paddlers are encouraged to bring their boats and boards to swap and sample. Try a different type of ride. I'll have a stop watch on site in case anyone wishes to test the efficiency of their crafts.

We are pleased to present the best and brightest SUP and kayak workshops:

Schedule (to be loosely followed)

9:00 a.m. Club and Exhibitor Set-up - Come out and show your club colors!

10:00 a.m. Registration and introduction. Sign-in and get a lay of the land, before you hit the water.

10:30 a.m. Intro to Kayaking - Wayne Albert and Esther Luft will discuss the basics needed for the right start to your kayaking adventures. Safety is important. What do you really need?

11:00 a.m. Intro to SUP - Stephanie Gordon will walk you through the basics needed to start paddleboarding. A good foundation is key to a great experience. Learn about what works, and what to avoid.

11:30 a.m. Professional Paddleboarder Helga Goebel, pro paddler with Riviera Paddle Surf, joins us for a very special talk about SUP racing. Helga is an accomplished rider with a long series of victories. Yes, she's a girl, wanna see how the boys hold up against her technique? How does she do it? Attend the workshop and may get a few good tips.

12:30 p.m. Jorge Moral of BOGA/Coreban will be on hand to discuss balance training and strengthening. Balance and strength are important to any paddling experience. You can learn balance and strengthen those stabilizer muscles both on and off the water. Jorge and Andres will show you some excellent IndoBoard exercises you can do at home, or with friends.

1:00 pm Andres Pombo, with Mistral and Coco Plum Navy, will discuss iSUP. Tight on space? You do not need to sacrifice performance due to space. Andres will discuss what to look for in an inflatable paddleboard, what works, and what flops! Not all iSUPs are created the same.

1:30 pm Greenland Rolling - In warm and balmy south its a means to keep cool in the summer - just roll. Up north and in open water, it can save your life. Plus its so much fun! Learn about the skinny stick and why its a great choice for many. Discuss boat design and what works in what conditions.

Boats and boards expected on site:
Epic Kayaks, Stellar Kayaks, BOGA Boards, Coreban, Riviera Paddle Surf, 404, Ron House, Mistral, Tahe Marine Kayaks, Wal-Mart Special inflatable vinyl mattress; Indo Board (on-land balance trainer)

We will compare inflatables on the water. That is, inflatable boards, boats and camp mattresses. Do you think a first time paddler on an inflatable board can move faster than a pro on an air mattress? Hmmm.

Bring your SUP and let's see how it does vs. other boards. Kayak, Surf Ski? Bring it, I have a stop watch you can play with. Some call it racing, we call it fun!

More Paddling Options!

Kana Lui Outrigger Canoe Club will have their OC6 onsite. Meet Dennis and Lisa for a true OC experience. They will help you understand proper strokes and techniques before trying the OC6 on the water. It's time to build a youth team! Bring the family. Outrigger Canoes are excellent team water sports.

Dragon Boats teams will be there recruiting members as well. If you ever considered joining a team, this is a great opportunity to paddle the boats and meet the members. They too will help you understand the specifics of DB paddling before heading out on the water.

The Paddle House and Kana Lui will sponsor a grill onsite. Bring something to throw on it and enjoy a nice after picnic. Bring something to drink, something to share. Come out, play, learn, share and grow. You never know what might spark your next great passion, on the water!

Come Early! Stay Late!!

FREE Open House this Saturday at the Miami Rowing Club. Join The Paddle House, BOGA, Coreban, Riviera Paddlesurf, Epic Kayaks & Epic Kayaks & Paddles and hopefully Stellar Kayaks too for worksho0ps and on-water testing!! Try out the INDO BOARD, THE BOARD SPORT FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE Come paddle something new, or bring you boat or board and see how it performs against others. Learn a little, share a little, enjoy another great day on the water!