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    Kyle Browning
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    The Buckeye Trail has offered some pretty amazing adventures so far. Looking to discovering more!
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    I've been section hiking the BT since November 2008. I set a reasonable 10 year goal for myself not knowing how much I'd be able to hike. I'm on track to finish in 2017.
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    Looking forward to each new hike along the Buckeye Trail.
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    Lovin' the outdoors.
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    I enjoy hiking and would liketo get more into backpacking.
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    Let's hike!
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    Along with my wife Cindy we enjoy day hikes throughout the Miami Valley, Northeast Ohio, Southeast Ohio and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We reside in Springboro and own a small business in West Chester.
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    Between a hike and a hard place!
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    Always up for a new adventure!
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    Love to live and love to hike. Looks like another good group to do both with. See you on the trail.
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    I am a member of the Buckeye Trail and want to keep up-to-date with all the happenings.
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    Hi, I enjoy hiking and look forward to exploring more of the Buckeye Trail
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    Hi, I'm Jon. I'm an avid hiker and spend tons of time on the trails here in the Miami Rivers area.
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    Hello, I am happy to be the Director of the BTA, and happy to help the Miami Rivers Chapter develop to assist in building, maintaining, protecting and promoting the BT in SW Ohio!
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    Live To Hike ... Hike To Live
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    Dayton area hiker and backpacker who loves to spend the weekends in the woods.