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Looking for others interested in Trying out a Trikke Carving Vehicle on Trails in Michigan (and surrounding areas)... Whether you have one of your own, or would like to borrow one to ride. To learn more about a Trikke Carving Vehicle, Click Here (http://www.meetup.com/Michigan-Carvers/about) -- Also open to Skaters or Casual Bikers (or riders of any Human Powered Vehicle) that would like to join us.

NOTE: If you are wanting to demo a Trikke, you do NOT need to join the group if you prefer not to.. Feel free to check our Trainers page (http://www.michigancarvers.com/pages/Trainers/) (under the pages tab) and contact a trainer near you to schedule a demo or to schedule some training.

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Memorial Day Group Ride and Parade in Monroe

VFW Post 1138

Memorial Day Group Ride followed by Trikking in the Memorial Day Parade in Monroe Michigan. - Meet at 11am at the VFW Post - 400 Jones Ave, and we can do a group ride from there out through Sterling Park and back in time for the Parade - Please decorate yourself and your trikke some with a patriotic theme - even a few small American flags can do the trick! - Perhaps a red, white, and blue color scheme. Parking downtown, there is no concern for paying to park in Sterling Park. Unlike the congested traffic in Traverse City during Cherry Festival where it makes more sense to park outside town and Trikke in, George says the traffic and parking should not be bad if we arrive at 11am and Park at 400 Jones Ave. The Parade will be staging on Jones Avenue - at 1 PM - VFW Post 1138 at 400 Jones Avenue (734)[masked] We can ride out for a casual group ride from Jones Avenue to Sterling Park, taking some side streets, and getting onto the bike path into the park once we cross the River. We should be able to ride around the trails in the park, around the Lagoon, out to the Lake, etc, and be back in good time to line up for the Parade. If you would like to only join us for the Parade, and no group ride in Sterling Park, you can show up as late as 1pm and park at 400 Jones Avenue, or if necessary, there is also some parking near the staging area - or in the strip mall at the other end of Jones Avenue (across S Monroe St). - The Parade is at 2pm, but they are asking us to be there for lineup & staging at 1pm. Free late lunch offered back at the VFW Post after the parade, and then we could carve some more on some downtown streets and trails, with George as our guide - if anyone is interested.

Cherry Royale Parade and Group Ride - Traverse City

3rd Annual Carving in the Cherry Royal Parade and Group ride. United Way has already said they want trikkers back with them in this parade in 2012, and we appreciate their continued invitation to join them in the parade! Click here to see the 2010 meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Michigan-Carvers/calendar/13800664/?from=list&offset=0) In 2011, instead of starting at E Fouch Rd Trail head (http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=Traverse+City&1s=MI&1a=1870+N+Us+Highway+31+N&1z=49686-3746&1y=US&1l=44.745708&1g=-85.538828&1v=ADDRESS&2c=Traverse+City&2s=MI&2a=8637+E+Fouch+Rd&2z=49684-8447&2y=US&2l=44.826444&2g=-85.682063&2v=ADDRESS) again like we did in 2010, we simply started the group ride to the Parade from the parking lot of the Super8 (http://www.super8.com/Super8/control/Booking/check_avail?advancedSearch=false&entry_source=&brandCode=DI%2CHJ%2CKG%2CRA%2CSE%2CTL%2CWG%2CBU%2CWY%2CBH%2CMT&checkInDate=7%2F08%2F2011&checkOutDate=07%2F09%2F2011&numberRooms=1&numberAdults=1&numberBigChildren=0&numberChildren=0&useWRPoints=false&rate=000&__rate=SRB&promotionCode=&corporateCode=&cid=&affilid=&partnerid=&iataNumber=&areaCode=37EN&searchWithinMiles=50&areaType=1&destination=Traverse+City&state=MI&country=US&id=03606&propBrandId=SE&tab=tab2&resetCheckAvailMod=true) directly - The same thing will work well for 2012, but hopefully with some more carvers in the group ride!.. Meet at Super8 at 10 AM to Carve into Town with us if you like... (They do not mind a few extra guests' cars in the lot during the day as long as they are not there late into the day to take space away from those staying Saturday night with them..) - If you can not do that, and would rather park in town and meet us for the parade only, just let us know. Among other choices, of course, you can make reservations right at the Super8 in Traverse City (http://www.super8.com/Super8/control/Booking/check_avail?advancedSearch=false&entry_source=&brandCode=DI%2CHJ%2CKG%2CRA%2CSE%2CTL%2CWG%2CBU%2CWY%2CBH%2CMT&checkInDate=7%2F08%2F2011&checkOutDate=07%2F09%2F2011&numberRooms=1&numberAdults=1&numberBigChildren=0&numberChildren=0&useWRPoints=false&rate=000&__rate=SRB&promotionCode=&corporateCode=&cid=&affilid=&partnerid=&iataNumber=&areaCode=37EN&searchWithinMiles=50&areaType=1&destination=Traverse+City&state=MI&country=US&id=03606&propBrandId=SE&tab=tab2&resetCheckAvailMod=true) for Friday night... They may start filling up before July given how busy the Cherry Festival gets in Traverse City. - Click Here for the 2010 thread on this event (http://www.meetup.com/Michigan-Carvers/messages/boards/thread/9270943#[masked]) After the parade, we usually Trikke somewhere to get some lunch before those parked at the hotel head back over there, etc... If you RSVP "Yes", I ask if you would be interested in this as one of the RSVP questions. FYI - They did away with Maybe as an option for RSVP... So RSVP Yes, if you think you can make it, or would like to try to make it... You can later change your RSVP to No if something comes up, etc.

Green Cruise Parade & Group Ride(s) - Ferndale Michigan 2014

GREEN CRUISE 201 (http://www.michigan.sierraclub.org/semg/Green_Cruise.html)4 Lets Carve our Trikkes in the Green Parade and The 4 mile family Green Cruise! Be a Solution to Stop Pollution Saturday, August 09, 2014 Downtown Ferndale Michigan Join in celebrating the many forms of human-powered transit that help keep you and the planet healthy. Thanks to Bill Riley (http://www.michigancarvers.com/pages/Bill-Riley) for getting us into this again this year Parade starts at Noon - line up on Green Alley by 11:30 for the Parade. This year there is a 4 mile Family ride, which starts at 1pm. For those not doing the 22 mile ride (http://goo.gl/maps/sVMPl), starting at 9am, The vote for a group ride before the parade is to start at 10am, and go backwards against the marked arrows of the 22 mile ride (http://goo.gl/maps/sVMPl)until meeting us, probably around 10:30 to 10:45, and then turning around and following us back to Green Alley. The 4 mile route should be marked this year too, if you show up later, but want to ride around that 4 mile loop before the parade starts. In 2014, we will all do the full parade again, so we can circle around like we normally do in a parade, to get more riding out of the parade.. And then we can help Bill do some Demos in Green Alley while we wait to go on the 4 mile group ride together at 1pm and then trikke somewhere to get some lunch together. Bill has suggested Rosie O Grady's (http://forrosieogradys.com/) for lunch, which is close, and sounds like a good option to me.. Bill's Original Post on this (http://www.michigancarvers.com/messages/boards/thread/10780477/0#[masked]) Bike Ride Waiver - Release of Liability Form to Sign (http://www.michigan.sierraclub.org/semg/Misc.%20Images/green_cruise_photos/GC_waiver.pdf) Last Year's Green Cruise Meetup (http://www.michigancarvers.com/events/24194561/) Official Video from 2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my-_UE0zIvg) Spectator Video of Parade (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vDAsQc2vTI)

Montrose Blueberry Festival Parade - 2012

Hill-McCloy HighSchool

Blueberry festival in Montrose, MI - August 18th Here are the details for the Blueberry Festival parade meetup. Meet for blueberry pancakes at the middleschool at 11am, or if you do not want any pancakes, meet in the highschool parking lot at 12:15pm to carve downtown to Hickory St., one block north of M-57. The parade starts at 1pm. Come to Montrose on the 18th of August to carve in the 42nd Annual Blueberry Super Parade (http://www.montroseblueberryfestival.net/events.htm)! -- M57 was freshly paved in 2011, and it is sure to still be great pavement for carving on in the parade in 2012! POSSIBLE GROUP RIDE after the parade if there is any interest (and if it is not raining cats and dogs like 2010) -- Or we could just carve around the highschool area where the booth is located and head out to Roxy's Diner again for a late afternoon lunch out back in their screen patio room... -- Last Year Lourdes found a great trail to trikke on running from Millington down to Columbiaville Michigan.. The Southern Links Trailway (http://www.southernlinkstrailway.com/), and it is not that far from Montrose, if there is time and some of the group would like to do a group ride on this trail! -- Here is her GPS data from her ride on it the day before the Blueberry Parade in 2011: Click Here (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/107814623)

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