What we're about

Michigan Ecovillage is a nonprofit organization in Southeastern Michigan. We are currently planning an intergenerational, live-work community dedicated to living in harmony with each other and our ecosystem. We are striving to maintain sustainability in all aspects of life: Our food production practices and living spaces will be integrative and regenerative in nature. Our community environment will provide mutual support and understanding of each other's unique personalities, life situations and contributions--all while living, learning and teaching a holistic, nature-based yet modern way of life. Our efforts always take into consideration the health and well-being of the physical, emotional and spiritual dynamics of the individual, the community, the ecosystem and the world at large--a truly holistic way of life.

Our core efforts include:
-Sustainable food production (including organic agriculture and permaculture practices)
-Sustainable energy
-Net-zero housing
-Holistic healing center
-Emotional support and community relationship building
-Elderly care and living
-Compassionate child care
-Community education network for sustainable practices
-Apprenticeship programs and training in various trades
-Worker and producer co-ops

We are currently in the process of fundraising, finding a permanent physical location, planning infrastructure and growing the inter-human connections necessary for a solid foundation for Michigan Ecovillage. For those who are seeking a supportive, restorative community to thrive in--whether to live in, visit and/or contribute to--we are also seeking you.

Join us for our monthly community meetings for more information on our Ecovillage as well as other topics relating to sustainable and healthy living. We look forward to meeting new friends to help us to continue to co-create this beautiful community, which will hopefully serve as a template for future generations who will inherit this Earth.

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Ecovillage Movie Night

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