ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed

Microscope Barcelona
Microscope Barcelona
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We are glad to invite you all to our first Microscope Meetup of the year!

If you are interested on Distributed Systems and DB like Cassandra, then you are welcome to come to our next Tech Talk and listen to Duarte Nunes (, Software Engineer at ScyllaDB.

Talk Description:

ScyllaDB is a NoSQL database compatible with Apache Cassandra, distinguishing itself by supporting millions of operations per second, per node, with predictably low latency, on similar hardware.

Achieving such speed requires a great deal of diligent, deliberate mechanical sympathy: ScyllaDB employs a totally asynchronous, share-nothing programming model, relies on its own memory allocators, and meticulously schedules all its IO requests.

In this talk we will go over the low-level details of all the techniques involved - from a log-structured memory allocator to an advanced cache design -, covering how they are implemented and how they fully utilize the hardware resources they target.


18:30 Welcome

18:45 Talk, ScyllaDB: NoSQL at Ludicrous Speed

20:00 Beers & Food