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New York Reactor Relaunch: In-Person Networking

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New York Reactor Relaunch: In-Person Networking


The New York Microsoft Reactor welcomes you all to the return of in-person events!
Reactor Relaunch's purpose is to give individuals the opportunity to meet face to face for a casual evening of networking. Our meetup wraps at 8PM, but don't let the night stop there. Make some friends and keep it going! At the start, we'll quickly run through any exciting sessions coming up, may have a lightning talk or two and then we'll breakout into networking sessions, so you can meet some of your local tech community, and get to know more professionals in the space.

We will also include a lighting talk from Jason Specland:

Securely Authenticate Your Single Page App with the Microsoft Authentication Library: A Deep (but also Fun) Dive

The Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) makes it easy to securely authenticate your single-page JavaScript applications to Azure Active Directory. But how does it really work behind the scenes? How can an application whose entire environment could be in the hands of a nefarious hacker be trusted with something as precious as a user's credentials? We'll take a deep look into the OAuth Auth Code Flow with PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) and examine every step of the elaborate authentication dance. And we'll even try to have some fun along the way. By the end of this session, you'll not only know how to authenticate your apps, you'll also know why it works the way it does.

Jason Specland is a teacher and performer of improv comedy, a software architect, a public speaker, and a father who lives in Harlem, New York. He grew up in South Florida, where he hosted a retro-80’s radio show in the early 1990’s when no one cared. He once worked at a grocery store, where for some reason he agreed to dress up in a Barney the Dinosaur costume to amuse the kids. Jason has performed at Upright Citizens Brigade, ComedySportz, and at the Jekyll and Hyde Club as a mad scientist to scare tourists. He has performed with The Austen Family Improv Players, GEORGE/MARTHA: An improvised “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and recently pretended to be hypnotized so he could perform with Colin Mochrie of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" When he’s not making up comedy on the spot, Jason is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft. He has spoken at SharePoint Saturday, the ShareNYC User Group, and the Insider Dev Tour on all kinds of fun technical topics.

5:30PM - doors open
6:00 PM - Reactor Intro
6:15 PM - Lightning talk
6:45 PM - Networking

All skills and tech fields are welcome.

First & Last names are required for building access guest badges. Please ensure you bring an ID to show to security in the lobby.
Important! The building requires a covid attestation. What does this mean? To enter the building and participate on the event, you will either need to provide proof of vaccination, a negative covid test within the week of the event, or a recent covid case showing you've recently been exposed and have temp immunity. To streamline the process (and reduce lines on-site), Microsoft has created an online submission option: - you can go here and follow the steps or come prepared with documentation when you arrive.

See you there!

COVID-19 safety measures
COVID-19 vaccination required
Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Microsoft Reactor New York
Microsoft Reactor New York
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