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Introduction to Blazor web apps

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Introduction to Blazor web apps


What is this event about?

C# and .net is awesome! Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to build client side browser apps or native mobile apps? With Blazor you can run .net in the browser and leverage you existing skills to make client side apps.

This event will give you an introduction to Blazor and show you the basic concepts common to front end frameworks, like routing, event handling, building reusable components, sharing code between server and client.

Who should attend?

Whether you’re a backend developer with some knowledge about ASP.NET, or a front end developer that want to learn more about Blazor this is for you. You will need some basic understanding about web development.

Why should you attend?

Blazor offers a way to use the same skills and technology on many different platforms. Learn how to reuse your skills to build apps for any platform, no matter if it’s in the browser, iOS apps, Android apps or installed desktop apps.

Speakers Bio

Johan Nordberg, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Johan has worked for 25+ years with web and app development and build countless web based systems and native apps using many different platforms and frameworks. Now he is working as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

Microsoft Reactor Toronto
Microsoft Reactor Toronto
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