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This is a group open to everyone who wants to go to various events with like minded individuals. We will have a great variety of interests and hope there will be something for everyone. It will be free membership with any charges for events going directly to the vendors and the Organiser paying operation fees to Meetups. It is not a dating site. People do not need to give a Surname for their profile, but a photograph is required.

I hope to connect people who want to live life to its's full. It is for making new friends or having companionship for going to different events whether big or small. It 's for people who have moved back from abroad and have found their old school/college network of friends dispersed. It is for people who have come to live here from abroad and want to get to know other people in their locality. It is for Mum's and Dad's who have looked after their children and now find they have more time for themselves. It is for people who are shy and find it difficult to talk to other people, in order to make friends. It is for people who live in a rural setting and would like to have more people in their lives. Whatever your position, it is your own business. We want everyone to have great days and nights out in a sophisticated but fun way.

Meetups were formed after 9/11 and there is more info here: http://www.meetup.com/about/ ;

We strictly adhere to their ideology and wish to bring like minded individuals together to form better communities.

Here are a few tips to have a happy and safe experience with Arts and Culture

Do not disclose your name or other personal details online to someone whom you don't know or haven't met in person.
Do not assume that the person you've emailed, (but not met in person) has told the truth when telling you who they are (in terms of age, sex or location etc.)
Do not disclose your home telephone number.
Do not disclose where you live.
Never disclose your Internet password.

Meeting Up
Safety in Numbers: If an event has less than 3 RSVPs from people you don't personally know, It is recommended to reschedule or cancel the event. This applies to both organizers and members. There really is safety in numbers, so be sure when meeting with strangers, that the meeting is in a very public place with lots of people.
Staying in Touch: If you wish to keep contact with a member you've met, do not immediately give them your phone number,, email or personal details. Instead, use Meetup's internal mail system as a way to arrange another meeting with this person. You can add the person to your friend list if you wish to keep contact. This is a safe way to keep in touch until the next meetup.

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