Drupal Meetup - Year End Mixer


It has been a little while, but we are on the calendar again for a Michigan Drupal Meetup with Ann Arbor Spark as our host.

Brad Czerniak (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/brad-czerniak) of Commercial Progression will be brining a short presentation on extending the webform module to do unconventional things:

• Allow site users to make quizzes easily

• Inject field content so it inter-mingles with form components

• Make form fields trigger videos, and other uses of the 'extra' array

• Create Views showing submission values from more than one form

End of year celebratory libations (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) will be provided courtesy of Commercial Progression (https://www.commercialprogression.com).

Plus everything that you have come to expect from a typical Drupal Meetup full of community networking opportunities.

And a postscript introduction...

My name is Shane Sevo (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/shane) and you may have seen me logged as a member of this Meetup for some time, but with little engagement. I have recently switched my open source focus and gone all in with Drupal (http://www.commercialprogression.com/post/wordpress-joomla-and-drupal-why-i-jumped-ship-best-open-source-cms)!

Do feel free to reach out to me (https://www.commercialprogression.com/user/shane) with any ideas concerning events and support of the local Michigan Drupal community.