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    Developer and technology professional.
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    Co-Founder of Commerce Guys
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    Greetings! I am Maggie LaNoue. I found out about Drupal early 2011 have been very slowly building some Drupal web sites. One is at http://www.AlbionMich.net. My focus is on design, art and photography. I started building html web sites in 1995.
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    I'm a graphic/web/interactive designer who has been building print and Web projects professionally since 2000. Looking to make some Michigan Drupal connections.
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    Creator of DrupalTutor.com, online Drupal training classes for all levels.
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    I am an open source web designer of almost a decade. Recently I have arrived at the long journey home to Drupal after spending many years with Joomla! Marketing is now my game... so whatever gets the content out the fastest!
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    Looking to expand my knowledge of Drupal and to find partners to start joint ventures.
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    I would like to bring together fellow Drupalers in the Metro Detroit area for regular social gatherings. Looking forward to meet those who are interested at the Metro Detroit Drupal Users Group meeting.