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Intro to the Group

This is a private meetup that functions as a gaming club. It is open to the public. The group has been made private to protect our member's personal information. All it takes to join is to answer a few short questions on your profile and wait for approval.

The main focus of this group is hobby board games, but we also play mass-market board games, role-playing games, and the occasional video game or two. It is open to anyone who wants to play games, have a good time, and can follow some simple rules.

This is a pretty social group. That said it is also a pretty casual group full of fun people. No matter your personality type / preference our large membership will allow you to socialize with people you will like being with and in general everyone seems to get along with everyone else.

We have anywhere between 4 and a dozen events each month at a variety of locations. Some are smaller and some are fairly large. Some are very general and some have a specific focus. The main event is what we call a Game-a-ton; an all-day event of open gaming at a private location. There is food, drinks, lots of people, and about 1000 games to choose from. If you cannot find a way to have a good time at a Mil-CoG Game-a-ton then you might not like people or games that much and this group might not be for you. So read the below FAQ. If this sounds like your kind of group join us! Don’t be put off by the organization level – this is basically a group of people that attend events to have fun and there is always room for more fun people!

Intro FAQ

1. What is "MilCoG"?

a. MilCoG stands for the Milwaukee Company of Gamers. It is an in-person, social gaming club. We meet to play games of all sorts; mostly strategy board games but we also play casual board games, card games, war games, video games and role-playing games. We have members from all corners of the state along with Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois.

2. I am not a “gamer”. What is the skill level needed to enjoy this group?

a. This is an all-inclusive group comprised of people of all skill levels. From complete novice with no experience at all to strategy war-game veteran everyone will find plenty here. And the nore experienced players are helpful and generous with their time and willing to help less experienced member out. The diverse mix of people in this group really make it stand out!

3. What is the cost of joining this group?

a. The base membership to this group is free. There is a very reasonable paid membership available (1 dollar a month) as well that provides additional benefits but that is entirely optional.

4. Does it cost anything to attend this group’s events?

a. Most events do not have an associated cost. Occasionally we participate in an event where a 3rd party will have a fee or cost that is passed on to our members. There are some events that are for paid members only. Sometimes events may have a donation box available for those that desire to donate (optional). All said some people donate much more than a paid membership and some people have been members for years and attended many events and have never paid a penny. Like everything else here I am sure there is a level of support that fits anyone and everyone. To be clear the purpose of this group is not to provide a profit for the organizers and each year there is more money invested in the group than is received from it.

5. I am a looking for a place to advertise my products/test my game design/promote something that I am part of.

a. The purpose of this club is to recruit members who want to take part and participate in organized gaming events. That said this group does have sponsorships available depending on a number of variables. Please contact the organizer for more information. We respect our member’s time and privacy – do not join the group and proceed to SPAM the group itself or its members.

6. I have more questions.

a. Join the group and read the groups FAQ or post some questions on the message board. Or email the organizers.

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