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This meet up is for anyone called to the practice of Kirtan aka Bhakti Yoga. Whether totally new to the practice or an experienced Bhakti Yogi this meetup is another space to stay up to date on the Kirtan scene in our area and a place to invite those you think may benefit from this practice to kirtans. It is my goal that this meetup expands our community and serves as a go to place for finding out what is where when as far as kirtans go. The More the Better is always my philosophy when it comes to kirtan. And we are SO SUPER BLESSED in Wisconsin with all the great opportunities it can be hard to keep track of them all! So here is a space dedicated to just that. Together we can join in community with sacred song opening our hearts and souls to our healing and wholeness and shining that light out into our world. Oh the JOY that can come from this Practice. <3
Here is a link to a nice little overview about Kirtan from a great website full of Kirtan goodness:

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