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Milwaukee Pedal Tavern: Walkers Point

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Price: $25.00 /per person
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October 19 Update:

Once again, we are confirmed for tomorrow (Sunday) October 20, 2013 to check in for the Pedal Tavern Tour. Check in begins at 10:30am at O'Lydia's (338 S 1st St Milwaukee, WI 53204), and a few reminders/points:

- There was a reservation fee paid out of pocket by me (107$), and at this moment we are not able to cancel without forfeiting not only the reservation fee, but also the entirety of the tour ($320).
- If you've RSVP'ed yes as of this morning, try your absolute best to make it tomorrow morning. The PT is more fun with more people, but also more cost effective. If 16 people show up, the total cost per person is 20$. The 25$ estimate was based on 13 folks showing up, but please do look at the link description for the cost breakdowns, down to 10 people.
- Jason mentioned this earlier, but if you are RSVP'ed yes tomorrow morning and do not show up, you will be removed from the group. Not only would you be creating an unexpected financial gap for the rest of the group to fill, but you could be taking away someone's spot.
- Check out the link to the map here again for all the potential stops: I had suggested a route in the comments field that takes us down to the Harbor Room first so that we could get our legs and bodies a little warmer faster.
- Dress in layers tomorrow, and don't forget a hat/gloves/scarf if you have one.
- Cash transactions are easier than credit ones at the pubs/bars we're going to. Bring cash for the drinks you want to get, as well as to tip the barkeeps.
- PT has kindly requested that we not park in the parking lot across the street from them; instead, park in the free off-street spots in front of their building.
- Be punctual and show up at 10:30 to start the check in process. We want to be pedaling towards our first location no later than 11:00am

My phone number is[masked] if you need to reach me in the morning. I'll get there a little before 10:30 just to get things going.

Cheers. Andy


October 16 Update:

Hooodily - it's going to be a nice brisk fall day when we go on Sunday. Temps are expected to be in the low 50s, so please remember to dress accordingly.

I made a map just now of all the potential locations: Click on the link here ( to view it. On the map, the blue locations are the ones where they offer general specials + the free drink coins (remember, we can pick 2 of these places in addition to the final stop of O'Lydia's). The red locations are places that we can stop by to get drink specials, but they don't offer free coins. Think about where you guys might like to go based on the free specials and general specials that are found later in this description.


We're confirmed for October 20, 2013:

Updated Confirmation (

I'll be looking to finalize the confirmation with MPT by Saturday, October 12 - and as it stands right now, a group of 16 people would bring the price down to 20$ per person, payable on the day of the event at O'Lydia's to me.

A few things to consider:
1) If you know right now that you can't make it, please adjust your RSVP accordingly. I'd like to keep the price pp to as close as 25 as possible, and am only willing to have the event at a higher price per person if everyone who is going is ok with it.
2) Think about where you'd like to do the drink specials (remember, we get two free drinks along the route, and a final one at O'Lydia's when we get back). The pdfs that I've attached in the description should help out for this purpose. This leaves us 2 more taverns to hit up in addition to the places where we get free drinks; we can talk logistics of where we'd like to go midweek next week.
3) The extended forecast looks ok at the moment - it will probably be chilly by then (in the mid 50s), so dress accordingly.
4) Last, but not least...please please please don't leave me high and dry on this event. Last time around I was able to reschedule because people gave me a week's notice, but if we end up confirming as a group, and you don't show up - it means that someone(s) will have to pay the gap in cost; out of common courtesy, this approach is not desirable.

Pedal Tavern General Info (
Pedal Tavern Free Drink Locations (
Pedal Tavern Drink Specials (

Above, you will find the original confirmation e-mail from PT, as well as the locations where we can get the free drinks (the third one will be at the ending point of O'Lydia's). The final link shows all of the drink specials at stops along the route. If you all have any preferences for the places we do the free drinks (pick 2) and/or the additional stops, type them in the comments field. Let's try to shoot for a total of 3 or 4 places, not including the final O'Lydia's stop.

The 25$ pp estimate is based on 13 people attending. The more people that show up, the cheaper this event will be. Because of PayPal logistics, this is a rare instance where you can just pay the day of the event. Like I mentioned above, try not to leave us high and dry.


Hi All,

MPT ( is running a special right now called Sunday Funday where 2.5 hour tours are 300$, and include 3 free drinks per person. The PT is subject to a 5.6% sales tax rate, so the entire experience for the group would be under 320$, plus anything extra you purchase at the individual bars and/or choose to tip the operator.

The tours originate at O'Lydia's Irish Pub (338 S. 1st Street) and there are currently 25 bars in the Third Ward that the pedal tavern can visit, each offering happy hour specials for those that ride the PT. I spoke to one of the proprietors, who mentioned that if we want to do an easy pace (chill, hang out, etc.), 4 or 5 stops is reasonable - but there are groups that have done 7 or 8 stops. I am personally for a more relaxed pace.

The PT seats up to 16 people: there are 10 seats with pedals, 2 seats above the back wheels, and 3 seat bench on the back row, and one person can man the middle as the "bartender" and fetch the group drinks and snacks. You must be 21 in order to participate, and 5' 3" to reach the pedals (Haha, suckers, I'll be sitting and yelling words of "encouragement" since I'm right at the threshold).

Here are some price breakdowns to help you out per person:
If 16 people sign up: ~20 dollars pp
If 15 people sign up: ~21.33 pp
If 14 people sign up: ~22.85 pp
If 13 people sign up: ~24.60 pp
If 12 people sign up: ~26.67 pp
If 11 people sign up: ~29 pp
If 10 people sign up: ~32 pp

Obviously, the more people that sign up - the more fun and less expensive it will be, so let's try to at least shoot for a minimum of 10 people to sign up.

I should note that while the PT is in talks with the city of MKE right now to allow drinking of alcoholic beverages while on board, you cannot drink right now while on the tavern. Don't let the dissuade you, however, as everyone always looks to be having fun when I see them roll down the street.

If enough people show interest, we'll figure out a total head count and price per person/payment method. And if somehow there's a super abundance of interest (20+ people), we'll look at maybe getting two of the pedal taverns.

I've set the suggested time as 11AM right now to hit up brunch drinks, but if this time doesn't work for you, feel free to comment with a different time and we'll see if something works out for the most people.