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Holiday/New Year Bummin' MKE Style: Ethnic/Cultural Food and Cheer

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November 25 Update:
As we get closer to Turkey Day, and therefore closer to the holiday party, I've put together a shared document where people can indicate what item(s) they plan on bringing. I've populated the fields with two examples, and the sheet can be found here: MKE Fun Holiday Party Signup ( Let's try to finalize our contributions by Wednesday, December 11. Thanks!


November 11 Update:

After contemplating the situation for awhile, the date of the party has been moved from Saturday to Sunday for location logistical issues. We are now confirmed for Gas Lofts' Club Room. As the day draws near, I'll post specific instructions on how to get in, but basically - you can come in through a side door.

I'll absorb the cost of the room rental - you all just start thinking of the tasty things that you want to bring.



This is not any type endorsement for one person or group's beliefs/cultures/practices/traditions/food, etc. Instead, I'm suggesting this as an open ended holiday/new year pot luck of sorts. We all have some type of cultural or geographical traditions passed down from our ancestors, or even maybe just our own families.

For example, I happen to have been born in Taiwan and spent the majority of my childhood in east Tennessee, so for all intents and purposes, you could label me as an "Appalasian". See what I did there? Point is - this holiday/new year party would consist of members of this group bringing something culinary to share that's either related to your own background, or perhaps it's something you have a penchant for. For example, if you happen to be of European descent, you may consider making/bringing mushroom soup with zaprashka, or cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, etc. If you're of Asian descent, you may consider a variety of noodles. Likewise, if you're of Spanish (Spain) descent, cocido. And the list goes on and on.

Some of you may also have a skill at making traditional alcohol based drinks like gluhwein, glogg, or any variant thereof. I'll spare you all from having to drink the rocket fuel elixir that my relatives drink with glee. It loosely translates into "white liquor" and is made from sourghum or rice. Also...don't feel bad if you just want to show up with a case of White Castles and PBRs...I certainly won't turn you down. In terms of timing - well, anytime in between Thanksgiving and say, the first weekend or so of the new calendar year would be probably be fine.

Depending on how many people are interested, I could host the event at our place in the Third Ward, or maybe rent out the club room for a nominal charge per person (it's 75 bucks total for a 6 hour rental, I think).