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What we’re about

Mindful Hikes: Walking Meditation and Spiritual Exploration in Nature.

Welcome to Mindful Hikes, a group of individuals dedicated to embracing spiritual values and practices while immersing ourselves in nature. We aim to cultivate awareness and awakening through the art of walking meditation and other mindful activities amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.

In our Mindful Hikes, we prioritize the experience of serenity and introspection over the pursuit of performance and competition. The slow, deliberate pace of our walks enables us to foster an unwavering focus on each step, allowing our minds to observe and appreciate our surroundings without judgment. Engaging in this peaceful yet purposeful contemplation, we gain valuable insights into our inner selves, fostering a profound connection with the world around us.

Our mindful journey does not end with walking meditation alone; we also explore other spiritual practices such as seated meditation and Yoga during our hikes. Additionally, we contemplate spiritual teachings and share our reflections with one another to further enrich our experience of personal growth and connection to our fellow hikers.

As we walk this path together, we hope to foster a supportive and compassionate space for our group. Whether a seasoned practitioner or curious newcomer, all are welcome to join us in expanding our understanding of ourselves and the world through Mindful Hikes.

We look forward to exploring the transformative power of mindfulness in nature with you. Our activities are non-profit and donation based.

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