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“The world is more complex than ever.” You’ve heard that before, right? Rapid technological changes and automation have resulted in a workforce shift from routine to creative work. Multigenerational and multicultural workforces are the new normal; challenging the one size fits all approach to leadership. Companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement and the scores aren’t getting any better.

What is a Mindful Leader?

We believe that now is the era for Mindful Leaders. People who embody leadership presence through their deep self-understanding and ability to connect authentically. Leaders who have made the shift from “getting the most out of” to “bringing out the best” in everyone around them. People who can lead with ease, presence and positivity in the midst of change and complexity.

Mindful leadership is not a theory or an act. It's a new skill, like playing the piano. You don’t become a virtuoso by reading about it. It takes regular practices that grow the brain, new techniques and a community of support. That’s where this meetup comes in.

What to Expect?

This meetup is intended to develop, inspire and connect leaders on a journey of mindful leadership. Think of each event as an experience, rather than a lecture. You will be introduced to new techniques, have an opportunity to practice, and connect meaningfully with like-minded leaders in the St. Louis.

In short, we believe we can access our best selves through science-based mindfulness practices that transform us into a leaders in this new world where the quality of our interactions is the biggest influencer to achieving our goals and leading the way in making this world a better place for all.

Upcoming events (2)

Mindful Leaders: Letting the Body Lead

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Letting the Body Lead Listening to your body's wisdom to source your own safety As a leader sometimes you find yourself standing outside of popular opinion or simply drained from giving of yourself to others. Standing out can produce feelings of fear and loneliness. Being in service to others personally or professional can leave you feeling depleted. In this session we will explore connecting with you own body as a source of wisdom for your yes and no. When you listen to your body's wise discernment you know how to source your own emotional, physical and spiritual safety and self care. We will explore tools to get in touch with your body for wisdom, and we will learn techniques for real-time self care during challenging situations so you leave with a refreshed sense of aliveness instead of being drained. Each of these meet-ups will include meditations, experiential practices and plenty of opportunity for group connection and dialog.

Mindful Leaders: Oct Topic

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October meeting Each of these meet-ups will include meditations, experiential practices and plenty of opportunity for group connection and dialog.

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Mindful Leaders: Living and Leading with Integrity

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