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Sound Meditation
Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Class Welcome to the Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation Class. We meet on Thursday at The Wellswood Civic Center. This is an excellent opportunity to a have deep intrinsic meditation experience by simply listening to the sounds that are produced by the quartz crystal singing bowls. This is a meditation experience which utilizes the sound of crystal bowls to serve as the focal point of your way into relaxation, quieting the mind and letting go of stress. The use of sound is multidimensional, benefiting the mind, body, spirit and emotions. The Crystal Bowl Meditation surrounds you in this most unique sound. Crystal bowls sing you into a deep meditational experience. The whole person benefits, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Vibrational sound is a gentle way to experience meditation for those who are new to calming mind and body. Together, we practice an ancient form of balancing our lives. The sound and vibration will begin to clear out negativity from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us. The vibrations of these tones come in waves around you and through you - it's a very pleasant experience. The cells in our body will naturally want to entrain - or match up with - the frequency of the sounds that you are experiencing. This is how we are reset, lifted, restored to a better state of being. Musical frequencies have been proven by science to ease pain, harmonize brainwave activity, relieve stress, ease fatigue, and reduce anxiety. Listening to these crystal bowls has the immediate response of deep relaxation. Brain activity becomes harmonized through the act if listening. As you listen, you will become relaxed but remain alert. You can sit or lie down, be comfortable. These bowls will sound, cleansing the air, water and us on all levels - everything that will be within their vibration will be lifted. Our goal for these sessions is to enjoy a sound meditation which will relax, release and balance us.

Wellswood Civic Center

4806 Wishart Boulevard · Tampa, FL

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We are launching our new meeting place on Tuesday May 17 at the Wellswood Civic Center centrally located in Tampa. We are hoping that the location is more convenient for the majority of our members.

Adults that participate are at least 18 years old. We are locally committed group that is resolved to create and provide a compassionate and learning environment for individuals who are seeking to find a fresh approach to their life situation.

We provide a facility equipped with meditation cushions and chairs. We are providing a compassionate and safe environment for individuals who are looking to improve their lives and help them to achieve stability and wellbeing. This environment provides an opportunity to learn and practice insight meditation and learn a mindfulness approach that we can incorporate into our lives.

The Mindfulness Techniques we teach are:

Mindful Breathing

Concentration on the Breath

Awareness of the Body and Mind

Awareness of the Moment

Releasing Tension

Mindful Walking

Mindful Eating

The structure is based around Mindfulness based techniques which are non-denominational and works on the awareness of breath/insight/mindfulness meditation foundation.

We begin with guided meditations that include body scan, sitting and walking meditations.

We teach basic meditation techniques, utilize guided meditations, cover topical mindfulness content and provide an opportunity for participants to question, reflect and/or comment.

Zen Reformation Center

Tuesday Evenings 7:30

Mindfulness Meditation

Crystal Bowl - Sound Meditation

Tuesday Evenings 7:30 to 8:30

We use Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Chimes and a large Gong.

Wellswood Civic Center 4806 Wishart Boulevard Tampa, FL 33603


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