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Gentle Hatha & Yin Yoga with Sound Healing
Yoga with sound healing is an extraordinary approach to synchronising body and mind. Discover a way of being you have not experienced before. Gentle Hatha Yoga Journey through each stage, beginning with a gentle hatha yoga. Hatha emphasises developing strength, flexibility and balance through a gentle and simple sequence of asanas. Yin Yoga Yin yoga is a peaceful yet dynamic practice. Yin is a series of stationary poses which work with strengthening and stretching the joints, ligaments and fascia of the body. Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing Finally, relax in a long shavasana and experience the magic of alchemy crystal sound bowls. This healing practice let’s you deeply relax, resonating with pure sound. You will receive instructions in how to heal physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles. The sound invites you into the world of vibrations: a very tangible way to interact with energy. Alchemy crystal bowls played together bring together sound, light and color. They weave patterns of harmony enveloping the energy field of environment and inhabitants. They also excite the cells, synchronise with alpha state brainwaves, tune air molecules, and communicate in the holographic field of light. As you relax you let go of resistance, and allowing arises. Harmonics emit patterns like mandalas in spherical formations which organises sub atomic level of our physical particles. Cells not attuned to well being are tuned into health, and chakras which need clearing respond to the tone. Emotions and vibrations connect us to the world and are felt as pleasant or unpleasant. Because feeling vibrations are louder than words, the universe of energy responds to our emotions and vibrations through resonance. Yoga with Sound Healing This unique series of practices enable you to safely explore in multiple dimensions the power of yoga with sound healing. Shannon encourages students to cultivate equilibrium both on and off the mat. She creates a safe and comfortable space where students can move at their own pace, developing their ability to listen to and connect with their bodies and breath. 10 class card – €180 Drop in – €20

Shala Yoga

Rue Alphonse Renard 55, Ixelles 1050 · Brussels

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This is a group for anyone interested in de-stressing, finding joy, wanting to calm the mind and connect to the body. Get to know yourself with like minded people as you explore mindfulness meditation and yoga. All ages, all fitness levels welcome. Led by experienced teachers, Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden of Mindfulness Journeys.

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