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Mindful Petaluma is an inclusive and supportive community that is committed to cultivating mindfulness and well-being practices that liberate the heart, body, mind and spirit.

We offer various modality of meditations to help you cultivate ease, happiness, and joy in your life. Whether you are stressed, wanting to become more focused, or simply wish to make a fresh start, we invite you on a journey of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual transformation, among a community group of like-minded people.

All of our services are drop-in and donation-based (except as indicated).

Visit https://www.mindfulpetaluma.com (https://www.mindfulpetaluma.com/) for more info, our mailing list, and our Facebook group!

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Mindful Basics

Mindful Petaluma

In Mindful Basics we will use simple techniques to cultivate calm, positivity, and focus while reducing the effects of stress and anxiety. This 45 minute class will begin with a brief introduction to mindfulness practice and its benefits followed by a guided body and breath awareness meditation. All levels welcome, beginners encouraged!

Xun Tao - Meditation in Movement

Mindful Petaluma

Xun Tao is a taoist practice involving deep meditative breathing and movement. Xun Tao involves gentle, flowing movements of the arms, legs, head, and torso, with a focus on using our breathing muscle, the diaphragm. Similar to Tai Chi, the practice differs in that there is no incorrect way to carry out the suggested exercises; each practitioner is encouraged to explore their own comfortable variations on each basic movement. Xun Tao can help improve concentration and balance, calm our mind and reduce stress, and make us more aware of our mind and body. The practice will be led and facilitated by Luigi Petrigh-Dove. An avid cyclist from an early age, Luigi has practiced a variety of sports and physical pursuits, such as yoga, and martial arts. Seeking a lower-intensity, restorative practice, he found Xun Tao in 2002, and has been practicing ever since.

Action and Engagement - Recovery Dharma

Mindful Petaluma

Our topic for August will be that of Action and Engagement. As we have acknowledged the suffering that our cravings or addiction create, and have the support of our refuge community, it is important to act. When in the throes of craving, it is easy to see ourselves as powerless unlucky souls to whom bad stuff is happening. We can change this, and become agents of our own destiny, for our benefit and those of others. Come join us for a 20 minute guided meditation, followed by optional sharing. Donation-based, no experience necessary, drop-ins welcome!

Beginner's Mind - Guided Meditation

Mindful Petaluma

In this mindfulness meditation we practice observing the workings of our heart and mind so that we can sow seeds of lasting happiness in our lives. In this vipassana-style guided meditation we learn to relax the body, focus our mind, and open to new possibilities in our lives. Join us on Tuesday evening at 7:30 at the Mindful Petaluma Center, for a 20 minute guided meditation, a short talk, and time for discussion. No prior meditation experience needed, donation-based, walk-ins are welcome! For more information visit our website www.mindfulpetaluma.com

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Sit After Work

Mindful Petaluma

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