What we're about

Do you find it difficult to engage in self development conversations with those around you? Do you need someone who can keep you accountable for your goals for free? Then join our Mastermind Group now and get started on your self development journey!  To get you started on your journey, download your copy of our Ultimate 5 Step Guide to Goal Setting

Who should join? 
We have put together a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in pursuing continuous self development and a growth mindset. They come from all walks of life to help each other in their journey towards self development. If you think you have something to contribute/ learn then you should join!
How are our sessions structured?

Our sessions are hosted by an Innovation leader from the Education sector who shares some of his insights and ideas on what techniques/ tools can work best for you based on research, experience and your specific goals. We hold weekly sessions on various topics such as achieving financial independence, productivity, habit forming, organizations, leadership, etc. Every week the Mastermind group selects a topic from our topic pool to be discussed. We are also happy to organize one-on-one sessions with you if you would like to brainstorm on a solution to a specific problem!
What is our aim?
We would like to help you transform your life to be a better version of yourself. We truly believe that by helping you, we will all benefit. Join us if you agree with this principle and if you would also like to help others in the future. 

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