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This is a meet up for people who are interested in better understanding of their centre, the whole of them ( their consciousness) and the relationship between thoughts and consciousness, enjoy pondering on how thoughts, fear, ego, desire, anxiety....., each is formed, what they are and how they arise.

We will discuss what would the role of the field of the known be in the way we interact with our world, life, and in relationship with each other and it's influence in the birth of our perceptions and emotional actions and reactions.

We will ponder on Transient thoughts and discuss how we deal with them and how or why they appear in our heads without wanting them to be there!

We will also discuss in detail reasons for break ups in our relationships and how to deal with such times of difficulty and how to move on and re-group and bring about strength by understanding the role our consciousness ( our psyche ) plays in it . We will examine if this is a disaster or an opportunity by better managing the break up, going through this temporary time of difficulty and bridge over and arrive to our oasis again, lead a strong and happy life again wiser and more experienced than before. It is an opportunity to sit down with, ask questions, consult and discuss your emotional and other challenges of thought/time born in the field of our consciousness with the author of the books " The Break-up Pain Hand book " , " Me, My Psyche & I " and " Transient Thoughts and Me " released in January 2016. With over 300 videos already on the Youtube channel helping thousands around the world.


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVS0QWs2q... (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVS0QWs2qSP02xkOjtqVCQ)


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