Getting Started with Selenium using Java | Hands On Workshop


Happy New Year 2018 !

We're going to reboot this Meetup and I've had some requests from some members for a quick refresher on getting started with Selenium. So join us for this hands-on workshop on installing Selenium for Java before we dive back into some more complex concepts going forward. Make sure to check the prerequisites below and come prepared to have some fun and get some work done! Workshop Prerequisites:

The workshop will be approximately 2 hours and you should come up with Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) or similar to the event but it's not mandatory. In order to speed up the things, please ensure you have required software mentioned below are pre-installed on Laptop. You are more than welcome if you just wanna see how we do the things if you don't want to bring laptop.


- Meet and Greet
- Pizza
- Introductions
- Sponsors and Announcements
- Intro to Selenium
- Demo and Workshop
- Next time on Selenium KC Meetup
- Pop Quiz?

Required Software:

- Java (at least jdk 8+) (
- Google Chrome (
- Eclipse (
- M2Eclipse Plugin (
- IntelliJ (
- Git ( ) (optional)
- Demo Project (
- ChromeDriver ("")

I have some resources in Google Drive ( for installing the items above.

We'll explore some newer, more advanced concepts in our next MeetUp in March, I hope that you'll join us.