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[ONLINE] WordPress Help Session

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Matt C.



We are currently not meeting in person. Here is the plan for the online meetup:

  1. Please be patient. Come with a mindset to learn things from others people's questions while you are waiting for your question to be answered.
  2. Only people who are RSVP'd as Yes will receive the online meetup link. The link will be sent out at 7pm so check your email!
  3. A password will be required to enter the online meeting. The password will be sent out at 7pm so check your email!
  4. You can keep your video and audio enabled.
  5. Immediately upon joining the meeting, please click the Open/Close Chat icon and enter your name. The Open/Close Chat icon is the 3rd icon from the left in the lower left corner of your screen.
  6. Your question will be answered in order of when you joined the online meetup.
  7. When it is your turn, you may share your question via audio and/or screensharing.
  8. To make sure everyone gets a turn, we will limit you to one question per turn and adhere to a time limit. This will allow us to efficiently cycle through everyone and then start the cycle again.
  9. Since there will be a time limit per person, depending on the question, we may simply offer you guidance and resources on how to address the question on your own.


Are you wrestlin' with WordPress? Bring your laptop and your WordPress questions to experienced WordPress website developers and designers and we will tackle them together.

This Meetup occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, from 7:00-8:30pm.

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Minneapolis WordPress Small Business Websites Meetup
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