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Vajrakilaya Practice & Group Mantra Recitation

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Vajrakīlaya is a wrathful form of Vajrasattva, the pure vajra nature of Enlightenment. In this imagery, the Compassion of the Buddhas is expressed forcefully, to eradicate in a powerful way the entrenched ignorance and emotional afflictions which cause obstacles, interfering with auspicious circumstances and preventing the dawning of realisation. Thus, the symbol of compassion is the phurpa or phurbu, the ritual dagger which stabs the obstacles and hostile forces of embodied ignorance, and transmits their consciousness to the Buddha fields. In the often repeated words of the

root Kīlaya verses, "the Vajra Wrath cuts off hatred" (rdo rje khros pas zhe sdang gcod). The most negative and destructive emotional poison of hatred and aggression is utterly vanquished and transformed by the compassionate enlightened wrath of the deity, who is our own pure inner nature, unsullied by the turmoil of the emotional afflictions. Thus, this practice is similarly powerful in overcoming all the afflictions, of anger, delusion, jealousy, pride, passion, and so on. As well as being a supreme path for spiritual development, the practice of Vajrakīlaya is effective in pacifying social confli

cts and disturbances, and also in mending breaches of the tantric samaya, such as the bonds between the community of Dharma practitioners.

Group Mantra Recitation: Lhoppon Rinpoche has requested we repeat, as a Sangha, 10,000 recitations of the Vajrakilaya or Vajrasattva Mantra. Those who have not received the Empowerment will be reciting the Vajrasattva Mantra.