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Getting looney at Clooney's

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45 people went


Has it really been five years! Where has the time gone?

For our anniversary we are going back to the site of some of our most fun events yet; Clooney's pub!For this event we will be getting any standard cocktail with Stoli ( for $4, the good stuff for well price, all night long. You need a name tag to get the deal so see me before you order.

TIPS: We tip bar staff. We want bars to be glad to have us and we want to always be welcomed back. Sometimes our numbers overwhelm the staff so it might take a few minutes for you to get a drink but anything other than overt rudeness still gets a tip!

Money: Most dive bars are cash only. They may have an ATM but it’s generally best to bring what you are going to need.

Transportation: This is an alcohol fueled event so please don't drive. There are plenty of public transportation choices. (

Photographs: I take pictures ( at these events with the intention of posting them online for us to share and to use them to promote the group. If you don't want your image used this way feel free to come to our events but just don't pose for pictures. If you pose for a picture you are consenting to having your image used for the reasons I've mentioned above. If I get you by accident, in a candid shot or a group shot, let me know and I'll take the picture down and alter it so that you can't be seen.