Next Meetup

Woman young women in their 20"s something! to be announced after group is formed
W. broadway Fir -Tim Hortons 1595 West Broadway V6J 1W6, Vancouver, BC The date will to be announced after group is formed

Needs a location


What we're about

I'm looking to meet new people to go out with in the age group of 18-35. I am very independent and looking for others who are independent and want to do stuff - this is an open group to anyone friendly but keep in mind that there are evenings events. Perhaps the first meetings could be in the day. Meeting up for fun outings is great but on a budget - this group is conscious of lower incomes, therefore we find things to do that will accommodate all members with disability or without. It would be nice to have a mix of interests, abilities and learn new things together! :) alike " learned

hows ours medical work/life ,etc for become new doctors,you,worker,teachers :)

In the future there is potential for longer term events, travelling, etc.

The date will to be announced after group is formed !

My Goal is forms about between 30-50 peoples join by January 2017 !

Hope hear more lots of B.C. Canadians to join this group please :) form Hurry

yes i do open all wide and all so i be open" bestBuddies too

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