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**Note: The purpose of this listing is to centralize the upcoming trips in one spot. It is not its own event. **

The only current trips with openings are:
July 4th Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Parks Camping. Click -->
Palm Springs weekend trip!

Have you been wondering what's an organic way to meet new friends and relationships? If you are wondering what I mean by organic, think back to high school and college where meeting new people were as easy as 1-2-3. In the last 5 years, I've hosted many events. Of all the events, the weekend-away trips have been the best places to meet people! This is how I've met some of my closest friends and know that a lot of you have too!

Here are links to the actual trips/events:

Ensenada Weekend Cruise. Click -->

Palm Springs Getaway. Click -->

Rafting, Camping, Hiking (see Sequoias, Waterslides and Hotsprings). Click -->

July 4th Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Parks Camping. Click -->

Memorial Day Zion / Bryce Canyon National Parks in a House. Click -->

And of course don't forget our Ski/Snowboarding Trips!

Mammoth House Share -->

Lake Tahoe. Click -->

Aspen/Snowmass/Buttermilk. Click -->

Jackson Hole. Click -->

If you are like me, the thought of hanging out with strangers, freaks you out, I totally get it. I been there!! I still remember my first meetup. It was a rock climbing event. When I couldn't find the group, I almost left. But, knowing I wanted more climbing friends..... I toughened up and found the group eventually. The first meetup was slightly awkward.... then, the second time, it got easier. By the third week of climbing with these folks, it was like I climbed with them for many years. That's how quickly these friendships were formed. BUT, I almost went home because I almost talked myself out of it... Funny how our mind works, huh?

Now, trips. I don't know anyone that has been on these trip and had a bad time nor not made any friends. That's not possible. If you are not dealing with anyone else or their jokes, you will hear my bad jokes. haha. :)

Anyhow.... I can write much more about my experiences being on your side ... a guest to an event. Join me and a bunch of other great people at the events and the weekend get-a-ways and let the connection begin!

Oh, in case you are wondering, I still wonder at times how guests just sign up to trips without knowing anyone. I give you folks lots of credit.... I would have been the type wondering if the cops would find my body, chopped up in pieces, and in some dump. Haha. Gotta say though, you guys have proven me wrong many times over. It's been a great time!

Much Love!
Your Happy Organizer