We have a guest speaker from Akiban this month!


Meet and Greet in the Cafeteria

The Nerdery provides us pizza and non-alcoholic drinks; this is a great time to network, discuss your latest projects and just hang out for a bit prior to all of the knowledge exchanging.

Message Queues and Distributed Job Processing : Geoffrey

PHP isn't multi threaded :( Fear not, there are still some very good ways to distribute your background work "web scale" across an unlimited number of servers with very little setup.

We can discuss RabbitMQ and an environment with Event Polling / Queued Jobs / Job Locking / Job Queue Strategies / Caveats to job queues

10.5 Minute Health Break

Get more caffeine or pizza, do what you need to.

Lightning discussion: Open Source Project?

As a group, it would be cool for us to take on a project, probably Open Source, most likely using PHP, for the good of the world or community.

Bring your ideas and be prepared to 1) talk fast* and 2) take responsibilty**.

* No joke. Daniel will be timing this and will cut it off at 15 minutes

** We're all peers here. If you are wondering who in the group is going to take charge of implementing your really excellent idea, the answer is "you are".

Renormalize- When SQL Meets Documents : Ari Weil (Guest Speaker)

NoSQL document stores are generally considered at the opposing extreme to relational databases. Schema and SQL are perceived to be at the core of the problem. Akiban Server is an open source database that brings document stores and relational databases together. Developers get powerful document access and schema evolution capabilities alongside surprisingly powerful SQL. In this presentation Ori will cover the architecture and operational ideas that underline the Akiban Server.

Speaker Bio: Ari Weil is Director of Products for Akiban Technologies and covers markets, projects and product direction. Prior to Akiban, Ari worked as product manager for Quest Software's application and database performance management products. He has a Bachelor's from The Ohio State University.


Akiban will be sponsoring an outing afterward and bring us some swag! Details to come at the meetup!

First Time?

If you have not been to MNPHP before and you plan on coming; let me be the first to say welcome to our user group. We generally meet the first Thursday of every month. We certainly enjoy meeting people from the community. Regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or simply just coming to learn more about it; we are glad to have you. All you need to bring is yourself, your personality and like most programmers you'll likely end up bringing a laptop.


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