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At Minnesota Web Technology Professionals meetup group, our mission is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas, and a platform for knowledge share among web and digital technology professionals in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We bring together motivated technology professionals interested in keeping themselves current and relevant on latest trends and developments in the field of web & mobile technologies, and digital marketing.

We are a community built upon four pillars: Network, Engage, Share, Learn From Each Other. Membership to this group is FREE and comes with plenty of opportunities to network with some of the best and brightest web technology professionals in Minnesota. This is your opportunity to get engaged in this ecosystem where talented yet eager professionals come together outside of their 9-to-5 schedules to stay current, and remain relevant in their profession!

Are you a technology professional?
Web, mobile and digital marketing technologies are evolving rapidly! We are in the midst of a technology revolution that is happening right now and there is a $100 Billion opportunity to capitalize on as most small, medium and large enterprises and governments rethink their web presence and consider technology refresh. Lets establish strong partnerships and build a necessary ecosystem so together we become a powerful and authoritative force while exploring partnership opportunities to bring innovating solutions to the market and exploit this once in a lifetime opportunity that is presented to us.

Be in the spotlight:
Our members are always on lookout for interesting learning opportunities from presenters like yourself. If you have a great story to tell, or would like to present on a topic of broad interest to our group members, we would love to hear from you. As a presenter, you gain significant visibility within this group, and the group benefits from your knowledge, experience, and expertise. Please see "Presenting to the group (http://www.meetup.com/mn-web-design/pages/Presenting_to_the_group/)" for additional details.

Are You Hiring? We welcome job postings (intern/freelance/contract/FTE positions) if you are hiring for INTERNAL NEEDS within your organization. In past, our group has experienced what is known as "Recruiter Spamming" and for that reason, we do not allow 3rd Party Recruiter job postings. We also welcome open position announcements from all group members (including from our recruiter friends) at our monthly meetings.

You may also want to consider sponsorship options to get the word out to 1250+ members of this group. More details can be found here: Sponsor this group (http://www.webmn.net/pages/Sponsor_This_Meetup_Group/)

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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/2C3lJny -- YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Ready to take that next step in your career, life and leadership? Join us for a monthly conversation with certified coaches to gain clarity and confidence to be empowered to take that leap. Each month will feature a different conversation focused on helping you achieve the next steps to success in your personal and professional adventures. - Get support with whatever you are up to and up against. Not to mention, feel the loving, high-vibe support of certified coaches and like-minded community. - Deal with any negative thoughts, traits, and theories that are stressing you, keeping you stuck, and informing your current reality. - Design specific, powerful, and measurable promises and actions you are going to take that day. Some, dare we say, might not only be bold, but fun too! - In stressful times like these when worries, concerns, and doubts are also contagious, let us help comfort you (and sure, kick your but, but, but’s) from the comfort of your home. You’re so used to being the one doing the work that it’s hard to let others help. Which keeps you involved in the day-to-day rather than sitting down to do the big picture thinking that’s needed to take your company to the next level. Let's get empowered every month to take that next leap into living our best life. Preparation: - This event is taken completely online via Zoom. - You will need access to a laptop or computer with strong internet connection. - Event set up information will be emailed to all signed up prior to the event. About Our Partners: [SLC Coaching] SLC Coaching is dedicated to providing unconventional, transformational and fun leadership development experiences that allow our clients To identify their own formula for success by uncovering their blinds spots, embracing their hidden strengths, and becoming the kind of leader that they'd want to follow.


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/31JV9dF -- YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: The creative community has activated solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. Some have lent their talents to fundraising projects, while others are highlighting the cause through moving tributes, and artwork. Other professionals are harnessing their positions to make positive moves to amplify black people in the creative industries. Join us for a panel discussion with leaders that are connecting you, creative talent, with resources and initiatives that have been launched specifically by the community to help BIPOC and organizations fighting for Black Lives Matter. Takeaways: - Highlight projects people have come up with to keep the momentum of BLM going, specifically as creatives. - A list of platforms where you can find Black designers, illustrators, and Black-owned design studios for you to hire and support. About the Experts: [Ana Ivey] Writer, Editor, Freelance Career Coach, Ana's Content Studio, GIGGS Agency In 2017, Ana Gascon Ivey left the security of a full-time job to the uncertainty of the gig economy. She has never looked back. With Ana's Content Studio, her freelance writing business, she doubled then tripled her income. In October of 2018 she opened a second business, the Giggs Agency, to offer coaching services to freelancers who want to launch, grow and thrive in the gig economy. [Briana B. Franklin] Founder , The Prosp(a)rity Project | Just B. Frank | The English Major Takes Tech Briana is a writer, entrepreneur and creative of many trades. Since debuting her inaugural business venture, The English Major Takes Tech, at the 5th-annual Forbes Under 30 Summit as a Forbes Fellow in 2018, she has been lauded for her contributions to the startup space and quest to open doors for other English/non-STEM majors in the tech industry. Her organizational affiliations while in her native Atlanta included Atlanta Tech Village, Georgia Tech’s ATDC, The Gathering Spot and Thinkful Atlanta. After refining her writing and communicational expertise through contracting for a list of household names, including Boston Consulting Group, Chick-fil-A, the InterContinental Hotels Group Owners Association, and Carter’s, among others (a repertoire she quickly amassed beginning only weeks after her 2017 graduation from Dartmouth College), she pivoted to bring those skills specifically to the health, wellness and fitness industry—a niche with which she has extensive personal experience spanning more than 10 years—by initially joining Athleta and later, Orangetheory Fitness. [Maleeka T. Hollaway] Award-Winning Publicist & Digital Communications Consultant , The Official Maleeka Group Maleeka T. Hollaway is an award-winning publicist and entrepreneur, obsessed with professional development, public relations and small business growth. Maleeka is the founder of The Official Maleeka Group (affectionately known as The OMG), a full-service public relations and brand communications agency and Social Proof Success™, a brand offering practical and actionable DIY public relations solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her goal is to support SBOs and entrepreneurs to position themselves to grow sustainable businesses and brands. Meet her on www.maleekahollaway.com and www.theomg.biz.


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/3iwIKju -- YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Very few of us graduate from school with a clear idea of what we want our careers to look like. Even when we think we know what we want, there are all sorts of obstacles to landing the right job. And worst of all, when we’ve finally gotten that job that we think will make us happy, it doesn’t. A Gallup study found that nearly 70% of people feel disengaged by their work. In other words, they work because they have to, not because they want to. If that sounds like you, then join us for this solution-oriented event. We will help you to discover what matters most when it comes to finding inspiring work. Agenda: - Career chat with experts 6:00 - 7:00 pm - Q&A 7:00 - 7:30 pm This event will be hosted online due to safety considerations, please check out the "Preparation" section on the bottom of this page. Registered participants will be notified in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the event. Takeaways: - Find how to avoid the mistake that everyone makes when making a career transition - Learn how to identify a true “dream” job in a world full of uninspiring opportunities - Learn specific daily practices you can start right away to ensure the success of your career transition Career Coach 101 event series: - July 9 - Career Chat 101: Design Your Dream Job - July 23 - Career Chat 101: Job Searching Toolkit Materials - August 6 - Career Chat 101: Nailing the Interview Process - August 20 - Career Chat 101: Negotiating Like a Pro - August 27 - Career Chat 101: Learn from the Experts - Hiring Panel More on ga.co/education Preparation: - This event is taken completely online via Zoom. - You will need access to a laptop or computer with strong internet connection. - Event set up information will be emailed to all signed up the day before the event launches.


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/3dVELt1 -- YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Esports, what is it? If you're curious about why franchises like the NBA, Major League Baseball players, and even mainstream rappers like Drake are diving into esports, this panel was created to help demystify it for you. In this panel discussion, you'll have the opportunity to learn from professionals working directly in the esports market. We will cover an array of topics on how they are using esports to drive growth and revenue for their brands, and how this impacts mainstream culture. Takeaways: A deeper understanding of how esports impacts mainstream culture and how you can apply this to your career. About Our Partners: [Community Gaming] We bring the gaming community together multiple times per month at our gaming home bases with high-speed internet and comfortable seating for 1-Day events. Our goal is to provide a social and inclusive experience where gamers can share the passion for the games they love, together. Each week’s home base features a single game and we match pre-made groups with solo attendees into balanced teams so everyone can have a good time.

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