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At Minnesota Web Technology Professionals meetup group, our mission is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas, and a platform for knowledge share among web and digital technology professionals in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We bring together motivated technology professionals interested in keeping themselves current and relevant on latest trends and developments in the field of web & mobile technologies, and digital marketing.

We are a community built upon four pillars: Network, Engage, Share, Learn From Each Other. Membership to this group is FREE and comes with plenty of opportunities to network with some of the best and brightest web technology professionals in Minnesota. This is your opportunity to get engaged in this ecosystem where talented yet eager professionals come together outside of their 9-to-5 schedules to stay current, and remain relevant in their profession!

Are you a technology professional?
Web, mobile and digital marketing technologies are evolving rapidly! We are in the midst of a technology revolution that is happening right now and there is a $100 Billion opportunity to capitalize on as most small, medium and large enterprises and governments rethink their web presence and consider technology refresh. Lets establish strong partnerships and build a necessary ecosystem so together we become a powerful and authoritative force while exploring partnership opportunities to bring innovating solutions to the market and exploit this once in a lifetime opportunity that is presented to us.

Be in the spotlight:
Our members are always on lookout for interesting learning opportunities from presenters like yourself. If you have a great story to tell, or would like to present on a topic of broad interest to our group members, we would love to hear from you. As a presenter, you gain significant visibility within this group, and the group benefits from your knowledge, experience, and expertise. Please see "Presenting to the group (http://www.meetup.com/mn-web-design/pages/Presenting_to_the_group/)" for additional details.

Are You Hiring? We welcome job postings (intern/freelance/contract/FTE positions) if you are hiring for INTERNAL NEEDS within your organization. In past, our group has experienced what is known as "Recruiter Spamming" and for that reason, we do not allow 3rd Party Recruiter job postings. We also welcome open position announcements from all group members (including from our recruiter friends) at our monthly meetings.

You may also want to consider sponsorship options to get the word out to 1250+ members of this group. More details can be found here: Sponsor this group (http://www.webmn.net/pages/Sponsor_This_Meetup_Group/)

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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/2Zkw8Vi YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Data can be a scary thing for non-data people, but behind the numbers and probabilities lies a story waiting to be told. A panel of data storytelling experts will discuss their work and why storytelling is a key component of working with and explaining data. Join us with questions about data and storytelling; we would love to see you there!


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/3cPdLMm YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Who runs the world? Girls. Join us for an inspiring evening of stories from women in tech across the US. Our panelists will share the secrets to their success and how they've leveled the playing field. About the Panelists: [Rachel Hill] Travel Influencer and Digital Strategist, RachelTravels.com Named one of the “11 Influential Black Women in Travel You Should Know”, by Travel Noire, Rachel Hill is a trailblazing Travelpreneur, Speaker, and Published Author. With a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, she has merged her expertise in Tech and Digital Marketing and passion for travel into a global brand. Her engaged audience of over 30,000, sees her as a leader in both the travel and tourism space as well as the Digital Marketing industry. Utilizing her marketing and Influencer expertise, Rachel coaches new and aspiring Travel Brand Business creators and on how to build successful online brands, how to create valuable content, and how to monetize their brands. Additionally, she speaks and consults small and corporate brands on how to tap into diverse markets, how to successfully work with Influencers, innovative digital marketing strategies, and how to use social media to gain brand awareness. Rachel’s engaging style and compelling messages are thought provoking and targeted actions that lead to bottom-line impact. [Shannon Harlow] Senior Director of Analytics, Cox Auto Shannon has spent the last 17 years helping brands leverage business and marketing data to deliver insight, grow business and maximize ROI. She has a unique blend of both breadth and depth within the areas of Analytics Strategy, Consulting and Implementation for B2C and B2B. Her specialties include advanced analytics (cross channel attribution, market mix modeling and customer lifetime value modeling), media optimization, product analytics, test measurement, business intelligence and CRM. Shannon's experience spans across several industries including automotive, banking, CPG, finance, retail, restaurants, tourism and travel. Shannon also serves on the board of ATLytiCS (Atlanta’s Non Profit Analytics for Good) as Corporate Relations Committee Lead. Her passions include finding ways to improve education for children and making our communities safer. [Vanessa Eaton] Data Scientist, Red Meters Innovative Data Scientist with 10 years experience in business analytics, statistical modeling, and sophisticated technical problem solving. Subject matter expert, Functional and technical. [Juniper Alcorn] Full Stack Software Developer, OrbitalRX Juniper Alcorn received her PhD in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research in 2019, writing on new biotechnologies and their social impact. She works as a full-stack Software Developer at OrbitalRX in Raleigh, NC.


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/2WKLWPx YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people for any number of reasons. Fear and anxiety about this disease and its impact on individuals and their families can be overwhelming. Data has shown stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include: fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones, changes in sleep or eating patterns, worsening of chronic health problems, worsening of mental health conditions, and increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. In this panel, we talk to mental health and wellness practitioners to discuss a combination of steps to improve your emotional health on your own and seeking professional support and treatment while you work from home (wfh). Takeaways: - What is self-care? What are some ways to start? - How do we create safe and productive spaces at home? - Tips on how to manage space, privacy, and time for a better peace of mind - What is the wfh culture like for people who usually don't wfh and how is this impacting them? - What are companies doing to help their teams not only adjust, but thrive in this new wfh environment? About Our Partners: The Sacred Space Miami The Sacred Space Miami delivers a modern approach to sensory experiences designed for awakening the highest potential and radiant vibration for all. These modalities come to life through our Sacred Programming, Plant Miami’s plant-based cuisine, Flow’s curated wellness product offerings, Plant Culinary’s living-foods academy, and Paradise Farm’s harvest and retreats.


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**TO ATTEND THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT YOU MUST SIGN UP AT https://ga.co/2ZKDeT8 YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD VIA EMAIL BEFORE THE EVENT** About This Event: Engagement marketing, sometimes called "experiential marketing" or "participation marketing" is a strategy that directly engages consumers and invites them to participate in a moment of time that they will never forget. You’re not advertising a product — you’re letting consumers see and feel what their lives would be like with it. You’re creating an association between your brand and those positive vibes. Join us as we talk to Makers behind visionary brands in the fields of art, activism, style, and technology who brought us multi-sensory installations, performances, and workshops and presented a new way to connect with creativity, culture, and community. From AI tennis games, ice cream museums, day raves and supersonic falls, we'll chat with some of the most creatives minds creating captivating experiences beyond "doing it for the gram". Takeaways: 1. How to use experiential marketing as a co-branding opportunity. 2. Insights on how to create an experience that can prompt a conversation 3. Inspiration to build the future of experimental marketing after covid19 About Our Partners: Ampersand Studios Ampersand Studios is a co-working space with creative studios, bringing together visual creators, entrepreneurs, and dynamic companies in Miami’s Arts & Entertainment district.

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