The 2019 Language & Tech / NLP Series : [Part 1] Designing for Voice


This is Part One in a joint series with MN New Tech on language applications.

We'll begin with 30 minutes of networking time, before our guests begin.

First, our moderator and Meetup organizer, Dr. Muhammad I. Abdurrahman, Linguistics professor, serial tech entrepreneur, cofounder of Sprechsoft Consulting, and Managing Founder & CEO of Clutch, Inc [] will open with a discussion on the long way voice tech has come, and how the short comings of voice interaction applications led him to invent the Reemo smartwatch, and found Reemo Health a senior care company partnered with Samsung and Microsoft.

Next, there will be a brief presentation of the kinds of linguisitc complexities inherent in designing applications for voice by U of M professor Ellen Lucast.

Then, we'll have our main presentation by recent Minnedemo alumnus, DeLonn Crosby, the founder of Educharacter []. He'll be sharing the hard fought lessons on voice design, ones he never saw in tutorials or presentations but had to learn from the front lines, developing market ready applications for some of the most fickle consumers, Children, with his smart plush doll. Parents have called it a "child's first computer", just in time for the holidays!

Finally, Dr. Muhammad Abdurrahman will moderate a panel with all of our guests to answer questions from members about designing voice applications.

Don's miss this last event of 2018 and will be held jointly with Geeks for Good, and MN-Software Engineers!

Presenter Roster:
Muhammad I. Abdurrahman PhD:
Ellen Lucast, PhD:
DeLonn Crosby: