Mobel Comeback Session: ReactNative Best Practices, iOS Background Location APIs

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It’s a been a while, but Mobel is back! We’re returning with an evening filled with mobile dev goodness on ReactNative and iOS background APIs. Once again, Immoweb has been so kind as to host for us, at their headquarters in Brussels!

Thanks to Gustavo Nascimento and Jo Somers for volunteering to share some truly interesting stuff with us on Wednesday 25 April. We hope to see you all there at our first event of 2018!

> Jo is currently working as Mobile Lead Developer & Solution
Architect at Rombit, working on awesome connected products and IOT projects.

Carrying the React Native flag, he will guide us through the wonderful
world of React Native, sharing experiences on large projects with common
modules, best practices and writing native modules. After working over 6
years as a native Android developer, he might convince you of a world of
cross-platform development and why you never want to go back.

> Gustavo started his career in Tokyo as a backend developer. After moving back to Brussels, he developed different iOS applications during his free time and joined a startup accelerator. He then joined Immoweb and worked remotely for various startups. Gustavo is now working for Sentiance, whose mission is to turn IoT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context.

Location and background execution: How Core Location should be used in the background and what are the impacts on the user and the application execution state. More specifically, what are the challenges in terms of battery usage, accuracy and allowed execution time.