What we're about

Let's create a community where we celebrate all kinds of success and growth - personal and professional - for ourselves and each other.

Moai means "meeting for a common purpose" in Japanese. Moais are social support groups in Okinawa, Japan. The Okinawan people are known for their longevity of lifespan. Moais are considered one of the leading factors of this longevity.

Moai Meetup Oslo is about supporting your longevity and success in life.

At our meetups we will have a guest speaker who will share and discuss valuable insights, experiences, knowledge, tools and lessons learned with us. After the talk there will be networking with interesting people.

Meetup duration: 3 hours (the talk is 45-90 minutes).
Attendance is free.

This community is about:
- Personal development/growth
- Ideas, opportunities and possibilities
- Goals, visions and dreams
- Inspiration and motivation
- Heart-centered business
- Social responsibility
- Entrepreneurship
- Leadership
- Networking
- Sharing

Our community is for you:
- You are unique
- You know something that makes you special
- You have something to give others
- You have skills and knowledge that others don't have
- You've done something you can be proud of
- You have unused resources
- You are good for something
- You can accept others for who they are
- You have the capabilities to understand and learn from others
- You want to learn new things
- You want to meet interesting people and grow your network

Do you like TED Talks? Then this group is for you.



Opportunities arise when people get together.

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