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On Thursday, March 19th starting at 6pm at the McGraw Hill Education Labs, MobileTea and the New England Software Engineers present the 4th Edition of the Mobile Tea. This evening event consists of knowledge and networking for anyone interested in big data, proximity, mobile development and Internet of Things. Participation is “free as in beer” and consists of 5 keynote speakers interspersed with 5 sessions including live DJ’d music and hors d'oeuvres. The meeting is powered by McGraw Hill Education ( in Boston!

Presentations will vary from 20 to 40 minutes and are followed by 15 minutes of networking that include live DJ’d music and some fantastic “St. Patrick Party” style food and drink. Be prepared for an informal atmosphere and bring your passion for all things development!

Performing live is DJ Jonathan Barton, @jellyfishtree (

Many thanks to our co-organizers, the New England Software Engineers ( MeetUp!

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Agenda (final!)

Networking Session 1 - DJ Mix 1 - Food & Drink

The 3 Principles of Modern App Design [Daniel Katcher @RocketFarm (]

What are end users looking for in today's apps?
What design elements are passé?
How do apps best cater to modern users?

Founded on the philosophy of User-Centric Design, Rocket Farm Studios have developed a robust design process for creating the front and back ends of the latest apps. This talk by Rocket Farm's CEO will cover their philosophy on modern UX, visual, and architectural designs that always keep the end user in mind.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 25 minutes)

Networking Session 2 - DJ Mix 2 - Food & Drink

Creating Mobile Apps that work Offline [William Hoang @sweetiewill (]
What happens when your Android mobile device does not have a network connection? That device will have no content, no experience and the amazing application that you spent so much effort to build just simply will not work. This talk would be around the implementation story of creating offline and online applications on Android Mobile. The journey begins with NoSQL database modeling and what we can do with a NoSQL technology for mobile. The session will go through how to create data object model relations, design for performance in difficult areas with no signal, and how to develop a local Android NoSQL datebase that syncs to the cloud. We will go over code on how to have your mobile application function offline without relying on the network. You will gain knowledge in NoSQL databases technologies and walk away with insights on how to create offline type of applications that to sync to the cloud. Couchbase Mobile is a thin client library that would help developers with their mobile projects in creating a local data layer for offline user experience and will provide fast sync capabilities when there is available network connectivity.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 40 minutes)

Networking Session 3 - DJ Mix 3 - Food & Drink

iBeacon, Swift and Estimote SDK [Giorgio Natili @giorgionatili (]
Introduction to building contextually aware apps using iBeacon with Swift and Estimote SDK. Let's explore together how it's easy today to build a Swift app with proximity features enabled.
(speech level: beginner/intermediate; duration 25 minutes)

Networking Session 5 - DJ Mix 5 - Food & Drink

Productizing Proximity With iBeacons [Chris Puzzo and Matt Mooney]
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon technologies are finally emerging from the demo-ware stages and becoming mainstream, ushering in a new era of micro-location and proximity awareness. Building an initial prototype for BLE technology is simple and fun but productizing and scaling it is a different story. Large technical hurdles must be overcome in the face of signal instability and environmental variance, and this is only half of the battle. Doing something interesting with a “beacon enter” event is a completely different animal. Chris Puzzo and Matt Mooney from Swirl will cover many of the technical and operational pain-points involved in BLE implementations at scale as well as a variety of use-cases and best practices which have evolved over the last few years. Topics will include: OS and device support, ranging and environmental issues, event mapping and content management.

Networking Session 6 - DJ Mix 6 - Food & Drink

Beacons and Booze [Chris Allen @mrchrisallen (]
Chris Allen will show how the Red5 Pro Second-Screen SDKs can be leveraged to enhance Beacon based experiences. He will demonstrate a couple of new cocktails which will be served at the event.

Networking Session 7 - DJ Mix 7 - Drink & Drink