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141 Portland Street · Cambridge, MA

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On Thursday, May 28th starting at 6pm at the Twitter Cambridge office, MobileTea and the New England Software Engineers present the 5th edition of MobileTea. This evening event consists of knowledge and networking for anyone interested in big data, proximity, mobile development, and Internet of Things. Participation is “free as in beer” and consists of 4 keynote speakers interspersed with 4 networking sessions that include live DJ’d music and hors d'oeuvres.

The meeting is powered by Twitter and McGraw Hill Education ( in Boston!

Presentations will vary from 20 to 30 minutes and are followed by 15 minutes of networking. This MobileTea's theme is “Summer Party.” Be prepared for an informal atmosphere, great food and drink. Bring your passion for all things development, we look forward to meeting you!

Performing live: DJ Jonathan Barton, @jellyfishtree ( (aka JB).

Many thanks to our co-organizers, the New England Software Engineers ( MeetUp!

Want to present at the next MobileTea? Contact us with this form ( to tell us your presentation idea.

Event Program:

=== Startups Corner ===
Join us for a 20 minute session to listen to 4 pitches from start-ups located in the Boston area.

The following startups will present:

Fittus [Jefferson Meyer]
Fittus aims to facilitate better communication & interactivity between gym-goers, personal trainers, and gyms themselves by helping users schedule times to meetup, track & share progress, and access the knowledge & experience of their fitness communities.

The Tech Connection [Melissa James]
The Tech Connection works to increase diversity within the tech sector. Our mission is to serve underrepresented communities by helping early career Software Engineers and Information Technology professionals prepare for technical interviews, get matched to employers, and create a network of successful mentors.

Loadlytics [Rashad Sanders]
Loadlytics ( provides small and medium sized trucking companies with transportation management software that will help increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Techtrition [Brandon Ransom]
Techtrition (, a technology education and research company, teaches underrepresented populations how to optimize their health through the use of health technology. Through a combination of individual health consulting, technology research and health/nutrition education, we are changing the face of health in our community.

=== Tech Talks and Networking ===

Running Node Applications on iOS and Android [Ugur Kadakal]
Node.JS brought the power of JavaScript to server. Node and its ecosystem has been the fastest growing platform in recent years. Total number of Node modules has already exceeded 120,000. What is next for Node? Mobile? This talk will cover the subject of running Node on mobile devices. I will talk about the issues of Node on mobile platforms. JXcore is an open source project primarily developed to run Node on mobile devices including iOS. I will talk about how it achieves that and how it integrates with Cordova.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 25 minutes)

Networking Session 1 - DJ Mix 1 - Food & Drink

Big Data and Mobile Devices [Giorgio Natili @giorgionatili (]
Looking to your company data when in mobility it’s something that is every day more important. However dealing with a large amount of data on a small screen with less computational capabilities could be a pain. During this presentation we will see how to render the same data set on Android and iOS using a native solution and then using a hybrid solution based on Cordova. Our end goals are to explore the pro and cons of every solution and to identify best practices and how to avoid common mistakes.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 25 minutes)

Networking Session 2 - DJ Mix 2 - Food & Drink

Building First Class Android SDKs [Andrea Falcone @asfalcone (]
The Android app ecosystem is an international phenomenon. Developers need better tools now, more than ever, and the number of third-party SDKs is also growing to meet the developer's needs. Unfortunately, many of these SDKs are poorly developed and extremely difficult to use. In fact, at Twitter on the Fabric team, we've detected a significant percentage of issues caused by third-party SDKs.
Fabric, formerly Crashlytics, is well-known for its focus on SDK quality, and has been deployed on billions of devices. In this session, attendees will learn the skills to develop and distribute SDKs for Android. We’ll cover an overview of Fabric, deep dive into technical decisions we made, and present the learnings on developing an SDK for stability, testability, performance, overall footprint size, and, most importantly, exceptional ease of implementation. Over the course of the session, we'll develop a simple but well-architected SDK and uncover and explain many of the challenges we encountered when building SDKs at Twitter. Topics include device feature detection, supporting multiple application types (from Widgets to Services to Foreground GUI applications), API design, deploying artifacts, and coding patterns to support developer customization. We'll conclude with advanced topics, from less-known but very useful tricks to minimizing impact on application start-up time to reducing memory footprint and persistent CPU use
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 30 minutes)

Networking Session 3 - DJ Mix 4 - Food & Drink

Aurelia.JS: Getting Started with a Brand New ECMAScript 6 Front-End Framework and Tools [Morris Singer @morrissinger (]
The talk will cover tooling (JSPM, Gulp, and the SystemJS extensions to the ES6 module loader as they are used in Aurelia); the Aurelia dependency injection container, the three forms of data binding, and basic router configuration. Attendees will learn the absolute essentials to start building web apps in Aurelia.(speech level: intermediate; duration: 45 minutes)

Networking Session 4 - DJ Mix 4 - Food & Drink