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Mobile Tea #12 at {N} Day: Beats and Code

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Calderwood Theater

527 Tremont St · Boston, MA

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On Tuesday, September 20th starting at 6:00, the MobileTea #Boston community, MassTLC Council (, and the NativeScript Day ( will present the 12th edition of MobileTea. This evening's event consists of knowledge and networking for anyone interested in live coding sessions and hacks for the web and mobile devices.

Participation is “free as in beer” and consists of 3 interspersed events with 3 networking sessions that include live DJ’d music and hors d'oeuvres.

Presentations will vary from 20 to 40 minutes and networking breaks will vary from 15 to 30 minutes. Be prepared for an informal atmosphere, great food and drink. Bring your passion for all things development and innovation, we look forward to meeting you!

Master of ceremony: KeyTar Bear (

Performing live: Subway DJ ( @Subway_DJ (


Registrations open at 6:00 PM, the event starts at 6:30 PM.


Event Program:

Networking Session 1 - DJ Mix 1 - Food & Drink

Rapidly Building Node APIs for your App [Raymond Camden @raymondcamden (]
Raymond will introduce the open source LoopBack framework and show how it allows you to rapidly prototype REST APIs for apps using a simple model first framework.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 20 minutes)

Your own data server with offline support in 20 minutes [Gleb @bahmutov ( & Bruno Faviero @Bfaviero (]
We will show you how to get your own private data server with real time sync and offline web or mobile application support up and running from nothing in 20 minutes. Perfect if you want to own your data and not rely on any 3rd party provider who can withdraw the support at any moment.
We will deploy the data server and then show it in action using a web application and a mobile app.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 40 minutes)

Networking Session 2 - DJ Mix 2 - Food & Drink

gettingTo._blindDev(*); [Dev Contest]
There was a time when inspect element didn’t mean a thing.
A time when compiling was the last step of coding. Now we have live-reload, hot compiling. We forgot how this whole thing of front-end development worked, for real. When this was painful.

_blindDev(*); is a challenge that answers this question: how difficult was this?

You’ll be challenged to code without knowing if you’re doing it right; in a team of two you’ll be given an assignment, but you won’t be able to see the result of your code. One per turn will be coding, and the remaining one will only see the result: each turn people will be called to code HTML / SCSS / JS.
Compiling will be the last step. Again. No errors and you win. Warnings or mistakes and you’re done (aka bye, bye!).

*** Prizes: Amazon gift card and Mobile Tea Hoodie ***

To participate, drop us a message on Meetup, there are only four spots available and everyone will get a prize.
(coding level: intermediate; duration: 30 minutes)

Native Script Q&A Session [Native Script Team @NativeScript (]
Learn more about the free and open source NativeScript project - it’s current state and future plans - directly from the team and ask them your burning questions in this Q&A session.
(speech level: intermediate; duration: 20 minutes)

Networking Session 3 - DJ Mix 3 - Food & Drink