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Coders Only: Apple's Swift and Objective-C

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Jonathan Blocksom, engineer at Capital One presents: Swift and Objective-C: Best Friends Forever?

We’ll talk about how to use Swift and Objective-C together in your projects. Maybe you have an existing large Obj-C codebase and want to start adding some Swift portions, or perhaps you have a fresh Swift repo and want to use some of your battle tested Obj-C classes. How do you do this and what are the gotchas?

As this is something we’re all figuring out as a community, feel free to bring Swift – Objective C mixing stories to share.


5PM Arrival - snacks, etc.

5:30PM Talk

6:30PM Wrap up

About Coders Only: The Coders Only meetup series allows developers to teach one another lessons learned for more efficient and beautiful code and ultimately better apps. It is recommended that attendees be intermediate to advanced developers. Recruiters and other service providers- we respectfully request that you not attend these sessions.

Special thanks to the team at DIG @ Capital One for hosting.

8020 Towers Crescent Drive · Vienna , VA
3 spots left