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Coders Only: Language Aware Development Tools

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Join Us for the Sept 2014-Coders Only:

Language Aware Development Tools

Presented by Matthew Burke (, Bluedino Software

As coders we spend most of our time wrangling text. We diff, merge, and refactor code; not to mention search through it, pretty print it, and document it. But we also transmogrify* textual data, screen scrape web pages, convert this format to that format, etc.

Sure, we all turn to regular expressions at the drop of a hat, and often, in our endless debates on scripting languages versus 'real' languages, we discuss how much more useful our IDEs could be if we worked with strongly-typed, less dynamic languages (this, by the way, is a debate that this talk is going to steer well clear of). But, by and large, the tools we use are unaware of any structure or semantics the text we manipulate possesses.

This talk will do two things. First, introduce you to several existing tools that work with code and text at a higher level. These include tops, xmllint, semantic highlighting, and semantic merge. Secondly, it will discuss how you can build your own language aware tools using ANTLR and LLVM.


5PM Arrival - snacks, etc.

5:30PM Talk

6:30PM Wrap up

About Coders Only: The Coders Only meetup series allows developers to teach one another lessons learned for more efficient and beautiful code and ultimately better apps. It is recommended that attendees be intermediate to advanced developers. Recruiters and other service providers- we respectfully request that you not attend these sessions.

Special thanks to the team at DIG @ Capital One for hosting.