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What we’re about

The moment has come for the world to value women as protectors and creators of all human life on planet Earth.

The old paradigm of how women should conceive a child, experience pregnancy, births her child into this world and becomes a mother is an outdated and unconscious act of fulfilling a 70 + year old society norm. It lacks the true meaning of what is ultimately taking place between soul and spirit in the physical between the child and mother.

I am a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Educator and Professional Certified Generational Healer®. I support women in their spiritual growth and healing emotional trauma, and women on the Motherhood path, preconception and beyond.

I believe it's time for radical change in how we conceive, birth, Mother and raise our children so that we can create a more kind, loving, compassionate, and healthier world.

The path of breaking out of the molds of society and family conditioning, expectations, and judgements isn't easy to walk.

Will you walk it with me?

Let's gather and link arms as heart-centered, soul parent change-makers for humanity's future. Join my group and attend online seminars to be apart of some deep conversations that will give you a lot to consider in how you lead your children and family, and the choices you make for your children.

This group is for women with a womb in preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and grandmothers.

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