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    What we're about

    What really is momondays?
    momondays is:
    A monthly show infused with equal doses of heart, humor and happiness.
    Life lessons and powerful insights from authentic, personal stories.
    Personal transformation and community... packaged as professional entertainment!
    Today we are all hyper-connected digitally through social media and email. We can connect on a professional level at any of a number of events on almost any given night. There are dozens of events where we can 'get into the minds' of brilliant experts on countless subjects. But how many opportunities do we have to get into their hearts?
    More than ever, people just want to put away the business cards and connect authentically, one human being to another. When we do that -- when we are just ourselves and share our personal stories of challenge and growth -- we have the power to transform lives, starting with our own.
    It doesn't have to feel like a twelve-step program. Nobody has to cry. It doesn't have to take thousands of dollars and several weekends. No gurus have to be flown in from far-away places.
    It can be light-hearted and fun. We can laugh. We can shake hands, rub shoulders, hug or send a big smile from across the room.

    By blending equal parts heart, humour and happiness in an entertaining format, momondays is giving people a much needed break from canned presentations, business networking and everything digital. It is filling a void not just for new and veteran speakers, but also for all kinds of people interested in real people, real stories and real inspiration. It's also giving veteran speakers an opportunity to push their own boundaries and stretch their comfort levels in a way that no paid engagement can. And, it's giving a platform and a voice to non-professional speakers who have a powerful story to share.

    We have a LOT of fun! You meet the nicest people at momondays Waterloo!

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