MoMoTLV Feb Event: Mobile Backend Strategies

This is a past event

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We're glad to invite you to our February event hosted inside Google! This time the event will be a bit more techy and dive deep into what mobile developers can do these days for their backend/cloud solution, especially that one of the most popular tools (parse) is now gone.

Note that the event is not held in Campus Tel Aviv - but rather inside Google's offices at the great "Rega & Dodly" Session Hall.

Agenda (The event will be held in Hebrew):

Parse is gone, what's next? - Nir Chinsky, Head of Google Cloud Platform, MEA

Defeating air pollution using big data analysis - Lessons learned - Emil Fisher, CTO and Co-founder, BreezoMeter

Flat is Fabulous - Royi Ben Yossef, Developer Relation Programs Manage, Samsung's global innovation center in Tel-Aviv or Samsung (GIC) Tel-Aviv

The event is sponsored by Google Cloud Platform (

Flat is Fabulous session abstract

If UI smoothness is important to you.If saving time and money is something you aspire to.This is what you should be looking into.Released as open source by Google a few months ago - flat buffers is the future when it comes to server-client communication formats as it is much more efficient than any textual base format like JSON and it always will be and for one reason - it does not require parsing!