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What we’re about

Welcome Moms to MKOTF!

We are a fun moms' group, where the play dates aren't only for the kids!  Our Moms are social moms, and love checking out new activities and meeting new moms!

We are a group of primarily stay-at-home moms with fun-loving, stay-at-home and go-to-school kids that live along the Fox River in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, and surrounding communities. 

What does MKOTF offer? We come together with the common goal of having fun while developing lasting friendships for both ourselves and our children. Our kids range from newborn to age 6. A majority of our events are on weekdays in the mornings & afternoons but also have many events on weekends as well. 

We enjoy playdates, story times, and age based play groups along with annual events, BBQ's, and more. We also have some events just for the moms- dinners, drinks, movies, craft nights, spa nights, quarterly parties, etc!

Are you local or new in town? Some of our moms are locals and some that have just moved to the area. Our Dads are also encouraged to become involved with family events.

If you'd like to become a member  we welcome you to join us at a Meet & Greet event to check us out. Every single one of us was a first timer at some point so we've all had to go to a Meetup where we didn't know anyone. Please, don't worry about being new or not fitting in; we’d love to have you! Due to the sensitive nature of information we share, most areas of this site are available only to members.   

Even though there are specific Organizers who manage various parts of our group, we are always open to ideas from our members. We hope that all members will be active participants. This isn't my group or her group. This is OUR group.

Please join us. We look forward to meeting you!