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Monks on Wheels is the Official Adventure Partner of KSTDC (Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation)

We are a Premium Experiential Travel Company for Adventure Tours, Corporate MICE, and Leisure Vacations.

It is in the year of 2015, five childhood school friends in an extensive search for peace as they needed a major break from the mundane lifestyle. For a long time they would regularly go for exploring unique places. One fine day while hanging out together a thought came to their minds to go on a long ride for 3-4 days to some offbeat place. An interesting discussion started to plan the trip and a destination was decided. Once the date was fixed, the next step was to apply leave at the office. Due to some reasons at the office, 2 of the friends were not able to get leaves. So it was left down to just three.

There was a dramatic moment on whether to cancel the trip or make the trip happen with just the remaining three. In this course of critical discussion, a social media post on a tour being organized is seen. They felt that the utmost need for travel existed and people did not know where to go and how to go. At that very moment, the premium travel brand known as Monks on Wheels is born. An adventurous itinerary and a well-planned budget for the trip was prepared and posted online. The event is shared within their friends’ circle and in turn shared across their network and finally, 12 people joined the historic 1st trip.

Looking forward, Monks on Wheels started conducting adventure trips on a regular basis. While conducting these trips, Monks on Wheels were observing, learning, and striving to improve themselves by taking constant feedback from all valuable customers and rectifying the mistakes along the way. Slowly, after the tremendous effort, they started to understand the world of travel. After this, new and beautiful destinations around Karnataka were added. Later on, Monks on Wheels extended the adventure trips outside Karnataka and so on. Now, Monks on Wheels has over 30+ destinations all across India which is tailor-made to suit every type of traveller.

Monks on Wheels as a travel brand promises to provide premium travel experiences to all in adventure tours, corporate MICE and leisure vacations.

“You will find Your answer when You have an experience that matters”

- Monks on Wheels

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