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Accredited Investing in the Healthcare Industry via Telehealth

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Accredited Investing in the Healthcare Industry via Telehealth


Welcome startup investment lovers far and wide! This meetup group is for accredited investors interested in investing in a socially responsible start-up Telehealth company(s) focused on revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar virtual care (+RPM) industry. The first Telehealth startup is missioned to provide access to care to approximately 114 million Americans that don't currently have virtual or any other access to care. Of this market, McKinsey & Company estimates that billions of dollars in care products and other services are left on the table annually for this market segment, while 55M with insurance have no access to in-person physicians or mental health services nearby. Investors who are not accredited will have to be interviewed prior to being allowed to participate in meetups. At the first meeting event, members will be given material about US Telehealth trends and investments trends in the Telehealth (there will be no recommendations whatsoever regarding investing by the Meetup organizer - that advice must come from foley from your own wealth management or investment advisor - the meetups are informational only ) companies prepared by prominent research organizations. Each company presented will be SEC registered and is represented by one or more Wall Street advisors.

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Montclair Stock Investing Meetup Group
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