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Sunday Afternoon Fun Run/Walk - BACON RUN!!!

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Sunday Afternoon Fun Run/Walk - BACON RUN!!!


Scientific studies show that eating bacon brightens your mood, boosts immunity and improves sexual function. That was a lie but you should still come to the Bacon Run anywayz! We'll have a run/walk, then pig out with a potluck supper bountiful bacon buffet! Bring your best bacon dish or dessert. If you're vegan, bring something with vegan bacon! All bacon-appreciators are welcome.

Event Structure
This event will be a run/walk, followed by a social gathering with food and drinks. Come have fun, make friends, and possibly enjoy a fitness activity!

Don't Arrive Late!
If this is your first run, please arrive on time! If you arrive after the group leaves, you will have to message the organizer to find us.

This Is A Hounds & Hares Run
Hounds and hares is a fun, non-competitive run where the route is marked on the ground with chalk, flour or other biodegradable stuff. The "hare" is a volunteer who plans the run and marks the trail. The "hounds" are the other runners who follow the trail.

What Are The Hash House Harriers?
The Hash House Harriers is a running club that was founded by British expats in Malaysia, in 1938. Today there are more than 1500 Hash clubs all around the world hosting local runs and international events.

Hash runs are non-competitive social events so there is no 1st place finisher, no medals, or performance goals! You can enjoy a scenic run at your own pace, and a social gathering with food and drink.

The Montreal Hash House Harriers
The Montreal Hash was founded in 1995 and has been going strong ever since! We host weekly runs without fail every Sunday at 1pm, and occasional Saturday or weeknight runs too. We have a casual and easy-going vibe.

The Great And Proud Traditions Of The Hash House Harriers
Our ancient and venerable club has acquired many traditions in the 80+ years since its founding:

The Circle
Every Hash run ends with a circle where we all gather round to laugh about the events of the run, sing a few songs, and catch up on important Hash business. Many hashers will tell you that the circle is the best part of the run, even though it is not, strictly speaking, part of the run.

Sins Against The Hash House Commandments
A large portion of the circle is dedicated to recognizing those who have broken any of the Hash House commandments. These might include spilling drinks, calling incorrect trail instructions to other hashers, shopping on trail, hares leaving incorrect markings, hashers arriving late, and any other transgressions that we might invent.

Bawdy Humour
Bring your sense of humour with you when you come!

Hash Names
After participating in a few runs, we have a tradition of giving each hasher their official Hash House nickname. When you receive your name, it symbolizes your acceptance into the club, and henceforth you will be identified by this name at every Hash event, everywhere in the world.

You guys must be athletes, right?
Nothing could be further from the truth! In hashing, the athletic and competitive aspects of running take a back seat to the social side of things. Hashing caters to all levels of runners, with a bunch of walkers at each hash.

What kinds of people come to the Hash?
All kinds of people attend the Hash from young students to retirees, of all genders and ethnicities. We are a diverse group and we welcome everyone who wants to have a nice run/walk and enjoy a good time.

What should I bring?
Bring comfortable running gear. If it's a wet or wintry day, a change of clothes (or at least socks) is recommended. Note that if a trail has been set, the hash WILL run it!

What are the costs & fees?
Most runs have a flat $10 fee that covers your food and beer. When we run from a bar, you only pay for your own food and drinks.

How long is the run?
Montreal Hash runs are usually 3-8km. Our runs usually have a split trail for walkers or runners who wish to do a shorter distance.

What if I cannot finish the run?
You can walk the trail or take a shortcut. There is no requirement to follow the entire trail.

How will I recognize trail markings and follow the trail on my first run?
The run begins with a "chalk talk" session where the markings will be explained. During the run, there will be runners and walkers of different speeds, so you will find that there will always be an experienced hasher nearby, and you can follow their lead.

What if I have dietary restrictions like vegan, gluten-free, religious restrictions, etc.?
Please message the run organizer indicated on this event page. The organizer will inform you about whether they can cater to your needs. You are always welcome to bring your own food or drinks for your personal consumption.

Do I have to drink alcohol?
We enjoy our beer, but consumption is optional. Let us know your preference and we will provide water. There is never any obligation to drink alcohol.

Montreal Hash House Harriers
Montreal Hash House Harriers
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