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SUPPER CLUB: A Cooking and Dining Social w/ theme! Dreaming of Crescent City

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Anna B. and Oddie
SUPPER CLUB: A Cooking and Dining Social w/ theme!  Dreaming of Crescent City


We had to move this forward to an time ahead.

We have had little luck of an inexpensive location with kitchen and seating space. If you know of a place that will work . . .please let us know and we can then make this event happen.

Congrats on looking ahead. This is an "event in progress" and you are looking at a draft details we are working on. This event is not announced.

We place things on the calendar as we are "working the kinks out"

This event is a draft version and not yet announced.

The date is not correct and other information is not correct.

When this event is finalized it will be moved to the correct date and announced.

You may RSVP now to make sure you get first notice as soon as edited, corrected and moved to the correct date and announced.

Supper Club is, . . . . for lack of a better description, . . . an elevated and elegant potluck with a theme, in a classy venue based off great food and even better people.

We will travel the world for one evening a month without leaving home, and we will do it one dish at a time. And for likely less than the cost of eating out.

This month's theme is New Orleans' Cuisine.

Read in the comments below to find out future themes.

There are a few rules:
Each person will bring a dish from the featured cuisine of the month. (Couples will bring two). Your dish should serve 8 to 10.
Each person will bring a bottle of wine (modifications on this laid out below)
Each person will dress nicely OR dress to any stated theme.
Each person will (at some point in the evening) tell about making their dish.
We will vote on the best dishes. And boy. . . are we gonna have fun with that?!

A dish serves 8 to 10 and there are 15 to 20 of us, . . . each person takes 1/2 portion, or a tasting portion . . .there will be PLENTY of food to go around.

Extra food will be put into to-go containers and delivered to a women's shelter.

What about extra wine? Extra wine will be used as prizes for the best dishes that we voted on.

Here is how it will work. As you sign on, you will pick ONE dish from any of the following web pages, and notify host.

Apps . . . . . . . . . . OrleansApps
Gumbo/Soups . .OrleansGumbo
Seafood Mains . . OrleansSeafoodMains
Poultry . . . . . . . . OrleansPoultryMains
Meat or Game . . OrleansMeatAndGameMains
Side Dishes . . . . OrleansSides
Dessert . . . . . . . .OrleansDessert
DRINKS . . . . . . . OrleansDRINKS


There are a few dishes people will jump in and claim super fast.

Choice of dish will be first claim. THEN after we fill . . . I will have to do some shuffling to even it out so we have the right number of appetizers, mains, sides and desserts. But law of averages . . . it mostly works out with little finessing.

Hold on!!!!! You said a dish and a bottle of wine but you list drinks on this list of dishes?
Yes. If you choose to bring a cocktail to make, you do not have to bring a dish or wine. But you do need to bring enough cocktail ingredients to make about 20 to 30 drinks.

What will be provided:
*The venue/location (it does need to be paid for/rented).
*Organized theme.
*Organized talkie topics and games.
*Organized blind wine tastings w/ mini wine workshop.
*Dishes, glasses and silverware etc.
*Non-Alcoholic Beverages.
*The cleanup (not as easy as you think)
*All the work to coordinate this (a lot more than you think).

The Cost: $20 Per Person.
(contact if you need for more than one or two)

If event is canceled or does not occur you will be refunded 100% (less paypal fees)

If you can not make it or need to cancel: 100% credit will be applied toward any future Supper Club date.

Links will be removed when the event is full.

This is a great event for those solo who want to get out and be social.
This is a great event to do with a friend or two.
This is a great event for couples to get out.
If you are single this is an AWESOME way to meet people in a no pressure environment doing what you love.
This is a social event.

Where will this be occurring?
At Rita House
** This event may contain allergic ingredients.

***Event details subject to change and/or modification as needed without notice.

This event is cross posted so the number of RSVP's does not reflect the total.

To see ALL the attendees also RSVP on MoreToExplore as the main hub.

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! More to Explore ! Journeys/Adventure/Travel Near & Far !
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