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Meetup Orient Express Preparation & Planning Zoom. CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS Aug 18

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Anna B. and Oddie
Meetup Orient Express Preparation & Planning Zoom. CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS Aug 18


This Zoom is ONLY for confirmed participants Meetup On The Orient Express only. (yes we did say only twice)

We will be doing SEVERAL of these Attendees Only Events.
The goal of this is:
Detail Specific info on the event.
Latest updates.
Social Time to meet and talk with the others going.

It can ALSO be a time for those going to work out extra things you want to do. Wanna make a reservation at a fancy resturant and figure out who will join you on that adventure?
For instance Septime in Paris or Mikla in Istanbul from this list

We will be discussing MANY aspects of the trip.

  • Airfare
    -Schedule - overall schedule for the whole event
  • Insurance
  • Visas
  • Covid
  • Clothing
  • Currency
  • Electrical Plugs
  • Battery Backups
  • Cel phone coverage
  • Food?
    What are hotels and trains like?

And soooooooooooo much more. IF you have other questions you can also message them to us ahead of time and we will add them.

To message us:


What is Meetup On The Orient Express?
We re-retrace the route of the original Orient Express taking modern night trains. We include tours in the cities and much much more.
Here are the event links for the actual trip if you are interested in going.

Meetup on The Orient Express (Spring 2022)

Meetup on Orient Express (Autumn 2022)

Meetup On The Orient Express May 2023

Why do we have it listed with three dates?
May 2022 has one spot left AND people are signing on to a wait-list OR they are making a depost on a later date to guarantee holding thier space. Also . . .. some folks like to plan ahead. Pick the date that works for.

IF you are Confirmed for any of these three events you are able to attend this zoom

If you are just "interested" but have not made deposit we do have a zoom every other week for that.

Overseas Q & A (Twice a month on) Wed 6:00 PM

We will discuss Meetup On The Orient Express as well as our other well planned curated trips

Everest Base Camp!!!! Nepal Trip!!!
Apr 2022

SPAIN w/Running of the Bulls!! Barcelona/Valencia/Madrid/Bilbao!!!
Jun 2022

Aug 2022

France Culinary Explorer
Sep 2022

THANKSGIVING 2022 Ensenada Weekend Cruise
Nov 2022

Pyramids to Petra w/ Sphinx/Dead Sea
Dec 2022

Ok . . . See you at the Zoom.

Anna & Marc

!   More to Explore ! Journeys/Adventure/Travel Near & Far !
! More to Explore ! Journeys/Adventure/Travel Near & Far !
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