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Coffee Talkie: Second Sunday (on Saturday) Morn'n Coffee Social @ Farmers Market

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Oddie and Anna B.
Coffee Talkie: Second Sunday (on Saturday) Morn'n Coffee Social @ Farmers Market


Since there is so much interest in the bean, . . .And since there is so much interest in good decent social, . . .

Here is what will happen. Starting at 10:00, . . . We will have an nice and simple Coffee and Conversation.

The idea is simple, . . . you want some people to get together with for some intelligent conversation over coffee, tea or any other elixir.

Each table will be a topic. . . . .
. . . Let's call that a "Table Topic"

Pick a topic an join in on the conversation. It's that simple.

CLICK HERE to post your Table Topic suggestions in the comments section of the main place posted. Post your ideas for Table Topics in the comments here or there.

Cost? Whatever you drink (and eat). Please do patronize the Farmers Market places with a drink or some bites.

Making this a No Plus One event, . . . meaning, . . . If you want to bring a +1 have them RSVP on the group.

This way we all come "solo."

Totally removes some stigma that way. Come have some stigma free coffee.

Come alone leave with some friends.
Come with friends, . . . leave with more friends.

What's that? This sounds like so much fun you would like to help host or even be the host? Or you want to join in on organizing this?

No sweat. CLICK HERE to send a note and we can make that happen. Everything is all set up. All you need to do is smile and wave. And you know how to do that!!

What about Covid? Whatever the Federal, State, County or City rules, or whatever is in place from the management will be in force.
At the moment that may be pretty much "don't get in people's faces" and respect distance when asked.

This event is cross posted (posted to several groups). So the number of RSVP's do not reflect the real total RSVP'd. Last time we had about 40 folks.

This Coffee Talkie event is part of a Series. As of now we are doing it monthly on the Second Sunday. BUT .. . we are doing on Sat in Feb . . . Because we have Getty Villa on Sunday
So we are doing Second Sunday on Saturday. Just go with it. We are quirky in that way (just like you).

IF there is great demand (lots of people RSVP'ing to these dates) then we will add to make it twice a month or every other weekend. So let us now your interest so we can know if we need to add dates and locations.

The aim will be to make this a Monthly event that tries out a different place each time. And alternates between the city and the Valley. This is the City version.

CLICK HERE to send a note with your suggestions of other places. Here are some ideas we are working on.

Farmers Market (City)
Marie Et Cie (Valley)
Café Loft (K-Town)
Concerto (K-Town)
Groundwork (Valley)
Copa Vida (Pasadena)
Hot And Cool

Post in the comments your vote for any of these as future location OR other coffee places that have enough space, seating and nearby or available parking.

CLICK HERE to RSVP on the The MAIN location where this is posted to is
RSVP there to be part of any discussions or announcements.

CLICK HERE to see and join in on all our upcoming events

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