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This is a group for anyone who is on a spiritual path and is just looking for others like themselves to connect with socially. This group is meant for those who like to have a good time but have a strong interest in spirituality, understanding themselves/the world better, and are open to new ideas. Those who are just starting to get interested in these ideas are also encouraged to attend.

This group is for those that have any interest in one or all of the following: Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Tarot Cards, Empaths, Buddhist Ideals, Angels and Angel Numbers, Past Lives/Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Soul Searching, Soul Existence, Lightworkers, Metaphysical Beliefs, Homeopathic Living, Numerology, and anything else similar to these concepts.

Come prepare to share your favorite media, podcasts, books, and other information that might be of interest to the group. Everyone is allowed a chance to speak to the group and share lessons you have learned.

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Online meet up! 7pm to 9pm

Online event

Grounding on the Green! 🌲🌱❤🙏🏽

Morristown green

Grounding on the Green! 🌲🌱❤🙏🏽

Morristown green

Show n' Tell Spirituality Journeys ONLINE

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