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This session is for Players at the INTERMEDIATE level and ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE per club guidelines with minimum skills below:
Intermediate Level
• Knows the fundamental rules and can keep score
• Always be in the ready position
• Regularly gets serves “in” to mid-court or deeper
• Able to sustain dinking in the game and can dink lover over the net
• Using both forehand and backhand on returns and forehands on overhead returns
• Working at keeping the serve deep and return of serve deep
• Aim for your opponent’s feet, not their body
• Anticipate where your opponent is going to hit the ball
• Know where you are hitting the ball
• Moves quickly towards the non-volley zone when opportunity is there
• Trying to make flatter returns (where appropriate)
• Aware of partner’s position on the court and moving as a team
• Developing more power and/or softness in their shots
• Somewhat a uni-dimensional player working at broadening their playing repertoire

Lower Makefield Township Pickleball Meetup
Lower Makefield Township Pickleball Meetup
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· Lower Makefield Township, PA
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