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Gotham Go Group - Tuesdays
Every Tuesday evening from about 6-11. All are welcome, from beginners to pros. This is a casual coffee house environment so don't expect a Go tournament kind of silence, but rather a din of conversation that is probably the vanguard of intellectual New York. Absolutely free, it costs nothing to play, and there is nothing to join. But PLEASE do get a drink, dessert or both to support the good folks at the Hungarian Pastry Shop who so graciously allow us to use their storied and humble space. We have some boards and stones, but it never hurts to bring your own.

Hungarian Pastry Shop

Amsterdam Ave. between 110 - 111th Streets · New York, NY

What we're about

Welcome to the NY Mostly Go Club!

The "Mostly" is there since it's fun to do other things besides Go once in a while. For example, dinner or drinks after a tough tournament, a picnic with Go boards under blooming cherry trees in spring, whatever fun things we can think of.

We'd love to meet other people who are interested in the game of igo/weiqi/baduk in the NYC area.

Don't know how to play but saw it on some TV show or something and want to see what the game is about? We also host NYAMIGO Beginner's Workshops during our meetups, and everyone else is happy to teach beginners to play at any time.

More experienced players can come and relax over a game, maybe help other players improve. The goal is to have a fun atmosphere and make some friends.

For the moment, the primary meetups are the "Beginners Workshops w/ NYAMIGO" This doesn't mean stronger members aren't welcome, they absolutely are. It's just that the other NYAMIGO instructor, Naoki, and I will be spending more time teaching beginners than playing even games that day.

For the moment we don't have a regular meeting space, but am borrowing space at Meetup HQ once in a while. You'll have to see each individual meetup to check the location.

Members (both new and old) are encouraged to post things, ideas for events, discussions, anything they think would be fun for the group.

The very simple guidelines for posting events is here:

A very quick list of spaces we often use is here:

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